5 Best Makeup Travel Bags to Keep your Beauty Essentials

Best Makeup Travel BagsTo set foot in exciting places and explore diverse cultures must be one of the most rewarding pastimes that one can experience. That is why; many of us are fond of traveling, hopping from one place to another.  But there is a part of such activity that we absolutely dread – packing! While clothes are a tad more manageable to stuff in our suitcases, cosmetics and toiletries are a whole different story. These beauty products require further organization because of varying reasons such as TSA regulations, fragile packaging, complicated shapes & sizes, and the long list goes on.  But one thing is for sure; we need our Holy grails and beauty essentials regardless of the destination. With that said, we make sure to round up five of theBest Makeup Travel Bags to solve your beauty concern. 

Unlike other Cosmetic Case Organizers rankings with a massive selection of items, we opt only to offer you the best of the best! We hunt down the top-selling cosmetic cases for travel from the biggest beauty platforms and stores across the market. Then, we include our favorite, proven-and-tested ones. As a result, you get to check out this premium list of the best makeup travel bags that are all guaranteed to serve your storage needs.

Best Makeup Organizer & Cosmetic Cases for Travel

1. Loomiloo Cosmetic Bag for Women

Social proof is the ultimate way to know if a product is worth investing in. This is why we search for the best makeup travel bags that have the most positive reviews per store. To start, we present to you this Amazon’s number one bestseller in cosmetic bags –Loomiloo Adorable Roomy Makeup Bags. This product line lives up to its name, for it is full of cute, adorable printed makeup pouches that are big enough to store your necessities. The designs range from typical prints like checkered and geometrical shapes down to quirky ones – a charming pug biting a rose, a group of llama chilling with some cactus, and a sloth napping on a Christmas ornament. We promise that these weirdly beautiful designed organizers are both fun and useful! Not to mention that you can avail of one at a super affordable price, so check them now. 

2. Relavel Travel Makeup Train Case

ThisMakeup Train Case from Relavelis truly one of the best makeup travel bags that can effectively organize your beauty collection. This cosmetic bag boasts multiple adjustable compartments that are equally perfect for beauty products and makeup tools such as powder brushes, eyeshadow palettes, hairbrushes, and many more. Also, this durable makeup case has a waterproof and spill-proof interior, making it ideal for skincare items with liquid consistencies. 

3. Mark & Graham Fillmore Vegan Leather Clear Pouch

Transparent, minimalist pouches are considered as best makeup travel bags these days. Well, this is no surprise because social media influencers, as well as celebrities, inspire most people to achieve a sleek, chic aesthetic recently. Therefore, we see to it that we offer you ace such style with thisMark & Graham Fillmore Makeup Pouch. It is a vegan leather organizer that features a clear design, making it easier for you to quickly see and locate your products. It is made out of solvent-free TPU and other biodegradable materials, so it is durable yet eco-friendly. This square zippered makeup case comes in numerous timeless colors of black, camel, navy blue, and yellow that everyone loves.  On top of that, you can monogram it with your initials. How cool is that! 

4. Fenty Beauty CLF 3-piece Makeup Bag

Besides producing excellent luminous makeup collections, Rihanna also knows how to save her product a spot in Best Makeup Travel Bags rankings. ThisFenty Beauty Makeup Bag Set has two triangle-shaped clear organizers and a main black bag with an internal divider. If you are obsessed with keeping things tip-top, then grab one of these now because it is a limited-edition makeup case! Moreover, we want to inform you that 100% of the purchase solely goes to the Clara Lionel Foundation, a non-profit organization that Riri established to fund education and emergency response programs. You will not only have a makeup bag for your essentials, but you can also partake in a good deed upon buying this organizer. 

5. Caboodles Rose Gold on the Go Girl

This cosmetic case’s ability to transform into a mini vanity set makes it a standout among other best makeup travel bags. At first glance, you will assume that thisRose Gold Makeup Case from Caboodles is your regular, dull organizer until you open it. Then voila! An organizer full of compartments and a built-in mirror appear before your eyes. It does not only hold your beauty products and accessories. It also offers a tiny makeup station. With all these impressive features, every dollar is well-spent on this product! 

Get the Cosmetic Case Organizers that will Best-Suit Your Lifestyle

As handy as these recommendations can be, your lifestyle will often heavily affect your purchases. So, constantly evaluate your schedule and activities. Are you always on the go? It will then help if you prefer a compact, durable makeup organizer that can keep up with your pace. On the other hand, if your work’s nature demands you to stay longer in a particular place, it is better to buy a spacious bag that can hold regular-sized, bigger beauty products. The point is to have a makeup bag offering the best of both worlds – aesthetic designs and unrivaled functionality! 

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