Difference between a Retinol Serum and Retinol Cream

Retinol Serum

With all of the positive claims and reviews about retinol products, it is undoubtedly tempting to try one. Besides, who would not want acne-free, glowing, healthy skin? No one! The majority of people seek to find products that can lead them to a more desirable skin state. And the soaring demand for these life-changing skincare products containing retinol is understandable. However, for someone who is not so familiar with such an ingredient, it can be crucial. The last thing you want is to realize that you chose the wrong kind for your skin after spending a fortune to test the product.  That is why, before an initial purchase, one must stick to the basics - Retinol Serum and retinol cream.

These two are the most picked types of retinol products because they are easy to use, giving satisfying results. Not to mention that their prices are also usually affordable, so users are totally fond of them. But newbies always asked – which is better and where aspects do they differ? Despite being both developed with retinol, only one product form can complement a user’s skin.

Retinol Serum and what it does for the skin

In general, facial serums are lightweight skincare products that moisturize the skin with a higher concentration of active ingredients like retinol (a vitamin A derivative). Therefore, when you use a serum packed with retinol, you allow your skin to be deeply penetrated with ample nutrients, and the process of skin transformation speeds up.  It boosts collagen production and cell regeneration to give you a youthful and fresh look! Also, serums offer these impressive benefits without skin discomfort since facial serums rarely leave a sticky feeling. So who is best-suitable to use retinol in a serum form?

People who have an oily skin type can get optimum results if they select a serum over other retinol product types. Because oily skin is in constant need of deep moisture to regulate the skin’s sebum production, skincare items that can thoroughly moisturize this specific skin type will prevent further skin issues. As mentioned, serums are more than capable of meeting such requirements, for it prides in delivering moisture passed thru numerous skin layers. Thus, if you are one of those people who are dealing with skin conditions like acne breakout and inflammation due to excessive oil, a serum containing a considerable amount of retinol will be your absolute solution.

What about a Retinol Cream?

In a way, topical retinol creams can also be considered skin moisturizers, for many of them contain moisturizing ingredients like petrolatum and mineral oil. Although unlike serums, retinol creams can do more harm than good, with people who have oily skins for creams are often based out from fats as well. So, oily skin types could be at risk of clogging their pores and triggering blackheads formation. In contrast, consumers with dry skin can freely enjoy the perks of using a retinol cream without a doubt.

Are you gravitating more towards a Retinol Serum? Zone365 Beauty offers the Finest Ones! 

If you find yourself interested in a Retinol Serum instead of the cream after the comparison, then you may want to check out Zone365 Beauty! This promising brand formulated an Advanced Retinol serum with Hyaluronic Acid, a plant-based facial serum that contains not only the wonders of retinol itself but also of other renowned antioxidants – HA and Vitamin E. This all-natural, organic, and cruelty-free skincare product is specially developed to counteract the symptoms of skin-aging. The powerhouse serum causes rapid cell regeneration, and in turn, skin-aging signs like fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation are minimized. 

Furthermore, many consumers go after a retinol serum for acne concerns such as scarring and breakouts. Zone365’s organic retinol serum guarantees that these acne-related issues are addressed early on. Since the skin care product’s application unclogs and clears pores, the skin is relieved with potential acne formation. On the other hand, the infused Vitamin E ensures that the skin is healing quickly, and acne inflammation will immediately subside. Lastly, the reliable skin hydrator – Hyaluronic Acid, finishes off the skin renewal by replenishing and moisturizing the face. In short, the three primary ingredients of Zone365’s efficacious serum can bring one an overall skin transformation in no time. Try one now and see it for yourself!

All Retinol Products Require Patience

Long-time retinol users are well-aware that using skincare products blended with the said potent ingredient requires tons of patience. When a person applies such a strong substance like retinol for the first time, slight irritation is inevitable. For our skin takes its time to build up a tolerance, there is a tendency to experience skin purging, peeling, and even dry flaking. But keep in mind that all of these will eventually be worth it! For after that unwanted phase, your skin will be in a more splendid condition than ever!

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