Fair Skin & Deep Slumber: The Best Sleep Mask for 2021

Hydrating MaskThere are only a few skincare items that can match the convenience of hydrating sleeping masks. Unlike other beauty products, you can leave the best overnight face masks upon bedtime and not worry about a single concern. They do not stick on your pillow cases nor feel tacky on the skin. And the ultimate perks of using one – easy application and no need for washing off. So, you can effortlessly use it straight before bedtime and have a good night’s sleep. If you consider yourself a sleeping mask newbie, we have a treat for you! We rounded up theBest Sleep Mask for 2021, so you can be a skincare pro once the upcoming year starts.

Best Sleep Mask for 2021 - Worth the Splurge

Since their introduction, people view overnight face masks as luxurious skincare products mainly because of their price range. This is the same reason why most consumers divert away from the said beauty items. While beauty sleeping masks are indeed on the pricier side, the results that they provide will never fail to amaze you. Likefacial serums, most of these wonder masks contain high concentrations of active ingredients that give the skin the ultimate makeover. With that said, each dollar spent on this miraculous product is totally worth it!

After all, this splurge will not only be beneficial for your skin, for it can also enhance the quality of your sleep. The relaxing, gentle sensation that comes with the mask’s application is enough to send your senses into ‘sleep mode.’ Are you ready to try one? Check out the finest and in-demand Best Sleep Mask for 2021 options that we curated below. The list is also categorized based on the skin benefits that each product offers, making it easier to find the perfect mask that will fit your skin needs.

Best Anti-Aging Sleep Mask

The Body Shop Drops of Youth - Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask

Skin-aging is a natural process, and it is inevitable. However,this overnight face mask can give users youthful and fresh skin with consistent use. This leave-on mask primarily contains plant stem cells like Edelweiss and Criste Marine; the former promises a potency that is even greater than that of Vitamin C, while the latter is in charge of bringing back skin elasticity. On top of that, it also boasts ample amounts of Moringa Seed Oil that is vitamin-rich and nutrient-dense. No doubt that this beauty mask’s collective nourishing properties make it a leading contender for the Best Anti-Aging Sleep Mask!

FRESH Black Tea Firming Overnight Mask

Dullness and sagginess are a few significant symptoms of skin aging. If you desire to counteract such skin concerns, be sure to givethis sleep mask from FRESH a try. As the name implies, this skincare product showcases the remarkable anti-aging properties of the antioxidant - Black Tea. It is also infused with belle de nuit extract that soothes and rebalances damaged skin. Apply a layer of this mask twice a week, and you’ll notice that your skin will gradually be tighter, bouncier, and suppler than ever!

Hydrating Sleeping Masks

LANEIGE Cica Sleeping Mask

It is vital to pamper our face with beauty masks whenever we sleep because that is the optimal moment for skin recovery. Thus, opt for thisCica Sleeping Mask from LANEIGE if you desire overall skin rejuvenation. Composed of forest yeast extract, this product guarantees to improve your skin texture and strengthen the lipid barrier with minimal to zero irritation. And, of course, the mask’s watery consistency leaves the skin nourished and hydrated throughout the night.

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Mask

This skincare product remains one of themost-loved hydrating sleeping masks among users. The intense hydration from its key ingredients such as Squalane, Glycerin, and Fountain Plant is the primary reason why this mask is such a crowd’s beauty favorite. Simply leave on this mask overnight, and you will wake up with a smoother, softer look in the morning.

Brightening Overnight Masks

Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask

Vegan skincare products are undeniably making a buzz these days. Therefore, we ensure to include avegan hydrating face mask in this Best Sleep Mask for 2021 guide. We cannot think of a better pick than this Glow Recipe’s sleeping mask because it is an absolute all-rounder! Amidst its countless skin benefits, the brightening skin effect of this Holy Grail is the post-facial result to be obsessed about. Due to its power trio ingredients – Watermelon, Hyaluronic Acid, and AHA; this mask quickly transforms dry, dull skin into a vibrant and glowing one.

Sulwhasoo Overnight Vitalizing Treatment

The overflowing positive reviews for thisbrightening overnight mask clearly reflect its efficacy. Thanks to the superstar components of its formulation - Acute lobed Angelica and Pomegranate, this item continues to dominate every Best Sleep Mask for 2021 rankings. Still, it is safe to say that the Walnut and White Mulberry present in its blend also played huge roles in making the hype possible. Regardless, this mask is a must-have skincare splurge that you should use ASAP!

A Friendly Reminder before you dive all-out with the Best Sleep Mask for 20201

Sleeping Mask

It is indeed tempting to put on a refreshing sleeping mask every night or whenever there is a chance to do so. As much as we understand that magical feeling, it is advisable that you only apply this thorough skincare not more than thrice per week. Because, like other things, “too much” does not always mean better. So go ahead, make a schedule, and indulge with these one-of-a-kind masks during nights that you want to go for something extra special.

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