Get Started with Cupping: A Step by Step DIY Guide to Reduce Cellulite

Facial Cupping

The constant need to book for a cupping therapy appointment and getting ready for it is not something that everyone can afford to do in the long run. It just consumes a considerable amount of time, and with most of us struggling to keep up with our busy schedules, convenience is a must. However, as much as we desire to go for a more accessible alternative, we still want to achieve a similar outcome whenever we visit an expert practitioner.

Well, the good news is you can totally recreate your very own cupping therapy session at home and still experience its same wonders. As long as you have the right tools and the proper understanding to do so, you are up for a great start to practice an effective Cupping Treatment.

What is cupping therapy, and how does it reduce cellulite?

Cupping is an ancient health treatment that has been well-known among Chinese and Middle Eastern cultures. It claims to treat a notable amount of body ailments, especially those conditions that concern the lymphatic and immune systems. The treatment is already used by plenty of people, but it only recently gained worldwide recognition. The increase in popularity is due to the countless media features about athletes and celebrities who attest to the wonders of cupping.

While cupping offers a great variety of benefits, most people, especially women (research shows that the condition affects 90 percent of women and only 10% of men), are going after the treatment for it helps reduce and possibly eliminate cellulite. Since cellulite is most likely a result of lympha+0tic and blood circulation issues, it is not surprising that the practice of cupping is indeed a perfect solution to consider for its reduction. Upon the facilitation of cupping, the vacuum cups stimulate better circulation. When used in a gliding motion, they can break down fat deposits that cause skin dimples’ lessen appearance. The fewer skin dimples we have, the lesser cellulite we are going to deal with.  Now, onto the next question - how will you perform cupping treatment by yourself?

Here’s what you need to prepare:

  •      Cupping Kit - Understandably, the treatment might be intimidating for some, specifically to those doing this for the first time. Therefore, it is essential to find a good set of cupping tools to ease your way into this beauty process. Vacuum cups come in different sizes and materials that cater to particular areas. If you are a beginner with cupping, it is best to opt for a kit with multiple vacuum cups to explore which ones you prefer for each body or facial spot. Furthermore, it is advisable to use cups made of soft materials such as silicone, which has excellent pliability for effortless gliding and ideal intensity per suction.
  •      Oil/Lubricant- To prevent possible discomfort and skin irritations, it is better to use some massage oil during a cupping session. It does not only speed up the process, but it also helps to increase the level of moisture and nourishment in the skin.

How to do cupping in the comfort of your home?

Step 1: Prep up with a cleansed skin. Like any other beauty skin treatment, cupping requires a clean slate to work on. Be sure to have a nice bath or shower, thoroughly cleanse the skin, and pat it dry afterward. In addition, light exfoliation will contribute to an even in-depth cleanse, so exfoliate if possible.

Step 2: Get your tools ready. Assess what sizes of cups you will need for the particular session; the larger ones are perfect for the cellulite on the butts, abdomen, and thighs. On the other hand, if you want to indulge in overall skin rejuvenation, you can grab the smaller-sized cups to give your facial areas some skincare as well. Moreover, warming your suction cup in hot water will create a more efficient “vacuum” to draw out toxins and further stimulate micro-circulation. 

Step 3: Apply the massage oil. In this step, you can use any of your favorite oil. The important thing is to spread and cover the area with lubricant to have a smooth, moisturized skin where suction cups can glide over without difficulty. The oil, together with the right amount of pressure, will prevent unwanted marks and pains.

Step 4: Place the suction cups
This part is the most crucial step in the process because you need to be mindful of the cups’ placement and pressure. To start, squeeze the top of the cup with your fingers (the harder you press, the more intense a suction is), put it on the preferred body part, release your grip and start gliding. Try to slide the cups back and forth without detaching it from the skin. You can also move it in a circular and a figure 8 motion. These movements will help penetrate deep through layers of skin to break down fats and eventually reduce the appearance of dimply skin.

STEP 5: End cupping with another massage
After you facilitate a good 15 up to 30 minutes of cupping (that is the commended duration of the treatment), you can now end the session by gently lifting the cups’ mouth away from the skin. Massaging the area with your hands is proposed to relax and soothe the skin. The treatment can be done twice or thrice a week to achieve optimum results.                                                                                            

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Facial Cupping Set

Zone 365 Beauty offers an amazing deal of an 8-in-1 cupping set that will give you the chance to try the said treatment wonders without the need to break the bank. The set includes 5 cups of varying sizes since each cup has an individual purpose. You do not have to worry about having an adequate skin cleanse before cupping because this kit is also packed with a facial cleansing scrub that you can use for exfoliation. The cupping set prides in having a 0.25mm Titanium derma roller for micro-needling to open up the skin for better absorption.

All of this is made available at a reasonable price point because Zone 365 Beauty understands how this natural, effective method must be within reach by many. The promising skincare brand also produces other all-natural, organic, and cruelty-free products that any people can use to have healthy, fresh skin, all the while preserving the beauty of nature.

The Wonders of Cupping Do Not Stop with Cellulite Reduction

Cupping is not only beneficial in decreasing cellulite. The treatment also holds a wide array of astonishing effects on our overall health and skin rejuvenation. It can potentially relieve muscle pain and even severe ailments that sometimes are hard to cure these days. Not to mention that you can perform such therapy in your home without much hassle.

 After all, this old-fashioned practice will not withstand the ever-changing times if it has not proven its worth.  The buzz around it only means that there are trusted reasons to dive and try this beauty alternative. With that said, check out Zone 365 Beauty and experience the wonders of cupping today!

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