How To Nail A Casual Date Makeup And Still Look Gorgeous

Casual Date Makeup

Going out on a date is both exciting but undeniably nerve-racking at the same time. Maybe it is your first time. or maybe not. Though there are still things and questions that will pop into your mind. Maybe you do not know which dress to wear or what shoes to choose. Although both of them are important things, and they indeed are, you still need to know the makeup look you’ll be going with. While men will love everything about you, you wouldn't want to let yourself go out unprepared. Don't get late with your date and go forCasual Date Makeup that still looks pretty on you. 

The Magic of Casual Date Makeup

Some makeup styles take way too much time to get complete.. But if you are going out on a casual date, then a casual date makeup would be the perfect fit. There's no need to worry too much about the time you will spend, because a casual makeup look will keep things simple yet charming. It is a look that can make you look pretty without trying too hard.

Simple Guide on How To Do Makeup For Date Night

Whether you are a makeup professional or a total amateur,  achieving a casual look can still be difficult, more so  if you aren't sure where and how to start. You don’t want to look like you’re a photoshopped celebrity, but you also don’t want to look like you haven’t bothered.. If you prefer to keep everything simple, we have prepared a simple guide below that you can rely on and feel comfortable onhow to do makeup for date night.

For Your Skin and Lips

Giving attention to your skin and lips is a must. Here is the simple guide you can follow:

  1. First, you can start by applying a moisturizer to your face. Keeping a light one is enough and make sure you use a moisturizer that suits your skin type for a better result. Of course, you wouldn't want your skin to get irritated while you are out on a date, so look for one that suits you best. With so many products available now, you can choose one that fits if you have oily skin, dry skin, or combination skin. 
  2. Next, work on your foundation. If you feel like using a concealer, apply it to parts you want to have it. After that, you can now use a makeup powder to set everything. Again, choose the products that suit your skin the best. You may try testing the product with your hands and see if it works well.
  3. When aiming for a casual look, adding a highlighter is one of your selections. Working on it with your cheekbones and nose can give you a fresh and light look. Adding blush on is also a good take, most especially when the color is light that can fit perfectly with the skin tone. 
  4. As for the lipstick, going for a color that is either too dark or too bold might not be the look you wanted to have. Using a light lipstick like pink or nude colors is the best choice for keeping your makeup for a casual date simple. 

For Your Eyes

Of course, don't miss working on your eyes and give the touch it deserves. It may seem difficult at first, but working on your eyes is still as exciting as applying makeup to other parts of your face. 

  1. Look at your eyebrow and see what you need to do with them. You can use an eyebrow pencil to fill it with strokes that it needs. Making simple yet gentle strokes and going along with its hair can help you produce a natural-looking one.
  2. Now, focus on doing your eyeshadow. To keep your casual date makeup light and simple, a light color but glowing is a decent choice. When applying one, blending it well upward will give you a light look while keeping the bottom part darker. You can experiment using a color combination that you think will not give too much on makeup for a casual date.
  3. Next, give a highlight to your eyelashes and make them pop. Use an eyelash curler and work it well with your eyelashes. Then brush it with mascara on both top and bottom lashes to give it a perfect look.

For Your Hair

After getting your makeup done, paying attention to what hairstyle you will go for is also essential. Your hair also adds a look to your overall appearance. You don’t want to give a full pageant fantasy by having an intensely-brushed up hair. You also don’t want it to look too flat and lifeless. Here are some of the hairstyle choices you would want to partner with your casual date makeup

  1. Wear a headband to create a simple look.
  2. Fix your hair with a cute or big clip on the side.
  3. Go for an easy updo that may look pretty messy.
  4. Tie your hair with a ponytail. 

Look Gorgeous While Keeping Things Casual

Date preparations may be troublesome at times, but doing your makeup for a casual date doesn't have to be too much. casual date makeup to match this alone is already perfect. Everyone can still look gorgeous when things are kept simple. While all want to present themselves as beautiful, getting comfortable with the person you are going out with matters the most.


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