Irresistible Metallic Lipsticks that are Worth-Buying!

Metallic LipsticksAlmost everyone feels nostalgic whenever they see or useMetallic Lipsticks, for these beauty products are undoubtedly iconic. The shimmery, foiled finish that these lipsticks give automatically brings us back to the ‘90s, where ladies everywhere are rocking their eye-catching metallic lipstick shades. But let us be honest, those striking kind of lipsticks are intimidating to wear nowadays because other people might tease you for being “old-school.”

However, metallic lipsticks today are way refined than those of the earlier eras. Beauty brands have released their respective take on the metallic trend, and we must say that the majority of them are impressive! Recently launched formulas and shades of such lipsticks are much better than the chalky, paint-like hues before. With that said, you do not have to shy away anymore with these glamorous lipsticks, for once you try them, you’ll be obsessed! See the list below for some of the gorgeous metallic lip products that will get you started in this gleaming beauty journey!

These Wearable Metallic Shades are perfect for Everyday Makeup Looks

Metallic Lipsticks

We truly can relate that trying new products, whether it is anewly developed skincare or fresh-released cosmetics, is daunting. Oftentimes, you are unsure if you can pull off the items that you never use before. That is why; we present you with this wearable shade selection so you can ease your way into such a statement trend. We rounded up pretty, toned down metallic colors that you can sport without worrying about being too out-there.

UOMA Beauty Black Magic Metallic Lipstick in On-Fire

At the back of your mind, you might be wondering how a lipstick with a metallic finish and shimmery flecks can be an everyday makeup product. Yet withthis Black Magic Lipstick that Uoma Beauty released, all of your doubts are sure to disappear. This award-winning lip item has taken the world by storm with its incredibly nourishing formula and luxurious wearable shade range. It gives the lips a multi-dimensional shine with the right amount of glitter. It feels like you put on a moisturizing tinted lip balm, but the difference is – it stays so much longer!

L.A. Girl Metal Liquid Lipstick in Smolder

This is the perfect metallic liquid lipstick to purchase if you want to check the fad yet don’t want to splurge. After all, this particular brand is known for producingaffordable beauty findsever since -L.A. Girl Metal Liquid Lipstick in this universally-flattering nude shade called Smolder is again, super affordable and offers endless beauty perks. It has a creamy, non-drying formula that leaves the lips with a rich metallic finish.  You can never really tell that you put something onto your lips upon the seamless application because it is exceptionally lightweight and comfortable to wear.

MAC Cosmetics Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour Metallics in Gemz and Roses

If you are fond of rosy hues, thisGemz and Roses shade from MAC Cosmetics is sure to entice you. Unlike the previously mentioned lip products, this one offers a matte metallic finish that is almost suede-like. Its long-lasting formula makes it the perfect lipstick to wear on those days when you want an effortless, all-day soft glam!

Want to go Full-Glam? Try these Bold, Colorful Metallic Lipsticks!

Smashbox Be Legendary Liquid Lip in Barely Regal

Smashbox claims that in a single coat, thisBe Legendary Liquid Lip’s formula can give you full coverage for a high shine look! This metallic liquid lipstick's gel-like consistency provides users with a smooth, hassle-free application that gives the lips a rich, mirror-like chrome finish. On the other hand, its bold metallic purple shade is the ultimate hue to establish a makeup statement. Sure enough, this lip topper will elevate your makeup into something vibrant and stunning.  

Lancome Le Metallique Metallic Lip Gloss in Molten Magenta

ThisLancome’s Le Metallique in Molten Magenta is a more intense metallic pink lipstick that is darker and vampy. The exclusive plexi-gloss polymers and metallic pearls blended into the formula give the lips that ultra-shine can last all day. Not to mention that it is also infused with Vitamin E and Grapeseed Oil, leaving lips feeling hydrated. This way, you will have not only a pigmented lip lacquer but also a moisturizing lip product!

HUDA BEAUTY Lip Strobe Metallic Gloss in Mystical

Suppose that you want to own a metallic silver lipstick that you can confidently wear on any occasion. ThisLip Strobe Metallic Gloss from Huda Beauty is your best bet! Its silver undertone is so subtle that the semi-sheer lilac base with blue pearls is what you’ll primarily see on the lips. Upon initial application of this beautifully iridescent lipstick, we guarantee you that you can never go back. The non-sticky, cushion-like texture is so comfortable that you’ll end up using the lipstick every day! 

Like anything else, Beauty Trends Come and Go!

Like retro clothing and throwback music, metallic lipsticks are among those throwback trends that seemingly come and go. One day, these shiny lipsticks dominate every beauty platform; then, a few months after, they’ll be back at the back of your drawers –untouched. Nevertheless, we believe that everyone must wear the style and makeup that they feel empowered in. As long as you can slay the look and feel confident wearing the products, you do you!

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