Liquid Foundation VS BB Cream: Which One Suits You Best?

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With all the available cosmetic products on makeup aisles, it’s too easy to get carried away from finding the right product. Additionally, there’s just a bunch of various makeup products that are formulated for different skin types and complexion. Lastly, another factor is the type of finish that fits one’s personality. Whether or not dewy, matte, or velvet can suffice, which of them is the best option?

With all these being easily available in the market, finding the perfect Liquid Foundation or BB cream can be a little confusing. But worry not, we’re here to help you find what suits you best!

Are you down for the full coverage offered by a liquid foundation or are you after that subtle, sheer finish from a BB cream? If you’re still undecided, then read on and find out which one of the two will suit your skin needs the best!

Liquid Foundations: What You Need To Know

First off, there’s the holy grail of makeup: the liquid foundation. This cosmetic product is more of our usual and classic go-to option. If you are looking to achieve full and superior skin coverage, then this is the best choice.
Generally, liquid foundations provide that heavily pigmented coverage that is bound to last long, without a touch-up from time to time. Practically speaking, if you are looking for something that will give you that nice, flawless, airbrushed finish that will last all day, then a liquid foundation is a perfect choice. It has that creamy and velvety texture which are often easily buildable, giving you the freedom to go as heavy or as light as you want.

In terms of purpose, a liquid foundation is formulated to blend easily and seamlessly into your skin. Coming in different shades and finishes, this cosmetic product is often a water-in-silicone mixture which allows for that streak-free, flawless finish. On top of that, a good liquid foundation is engineered to even out the appearance of your skin tone and conceal any blemishes and imperfections.

BB Creams: What You Need To Know

And then there’sBB Cream, otherwise known as theBeauty Balm Cream. This cosmetic product offers lightweight, breathable coverage. Firstly made popular in Korean skincare, the BB cream is a huge part of the no-makeup makeup look trend.

Aside from being the lighter counterpart of a liquid foundation, a BB cream is also formulated with other ingredients that are beneficial for the skin. Generally, these weightless liquid cosmetics are infused with SPF and/or hydrating factors.

While the liquid foundation provides a medium-to-full coverage, the BB cream provides a significantly lighter, sheer coverage. That said, this product is essentially preferred by those who are looking for something subtle while providing the extra care and benefits for the skin.

Liquid Foundation VS BB Cream: What’s The Difference?

The main difference between a Liquid Foundation and aBB Cream is the formulation. As mentioned, foundations are engineered to provide full, flawless coverage, whereas BB creams only give that subtle and sheer coverage.

And if you’re wondering when is the perfect time to use either of these products, then keep reading. In this section, we’re going to list down the different purposes of a liquid foundation and a BB cream.

Traveling? Use a BB Cream!

We know that traveling also means some limitations, and that can  also apply to your makeup pouch! That said, if you will be on-the-go for quite some time, then pack your BB cream with you. 

This lightweight liquid cosmetic makes a perfect choice in terms of its size. It is nearly an all-in-one product, meaning it can easily save up some space in your luggage. Additionally, your trusty BB cream will give you that nice, breathable coverage that subtly covers up blemishes while also keeping your skin nourished.

Looking to achieve fuller coverage? Use a Liquid Foundation!

One thing that we like most about liquid foundations is that they all provide some sort of heavy coverage. Whether it is medium or full, a good liquid foundation can absolutely cover up and even out your skin tone in a jiffy. On top of that, this liquid makeup also has the ability to precisely conceal any blemishes and imperfections, leaving you with nothing but a canvas that is smooth and flawless.

That said, if you are prepping for a special event or a date night, then a good liquid foundation is a great option! Not only will this creamy liquid cosmetic give you that instantly flawless skin, but it is also formulated to last long, so you are assured that your makeup won’t cake or get slick as hours pass by.

Moreover, a liquid foundation can seamlessly blend onto your skin, so if you’re not exactly after that super-full coverage, then you can easily blend and adjust it to your liking. No worries, this makeup product is pretty flexible, too!

In a rush? Use a BB cream!

No time to lather on your usual daily skincare products followed by your primer and concealer? Then fret not, your trusty BB cream can save the day!

As we’ve mentioned earlier, a BB cream is nearly an all-in-one product that provides both coverage and nourishment to the skin. So if you find yourself stuck in a pretty hectic schedule,, then this cosmetic product will set you back some time by trimming the length of your usual makeup routine. 

And the result? A subtle, sheer, flawless finish that will give your skin that natural-looking radiance. Oh, and plus points if you’re after a “no-makeup-makeup” look, BB cream is easy to blend  on your skin as if you aren’t wearing any makeup at all.

Aiming for a “pro” makeup look? Use a liquid foundation!

Again, liquid foundations come in deeply pigmenting formulas, along with a few selections of coverage. This type of foundation typically comes in medium to full coverage formulas, which are all essentially buildable and easy to blend onto the skin.

That said, if you are after a fuller,pro-looking makeup look, then a good liquid foundation can get the job done right! It will effectively cover up every single blemish on your face, while quickly evening out your skin. Thus,  giving it a nice and flawless finish.


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