Makeup Primers for 2021: The Nominees for Every Skin Type

Makeup PrimersAfter scrolling through hundreds of Instagram feeds, I bet you keep on pondering with this thought– what magical product do these models and influencers use to pull off such smooth, flawless makeup? Well, aside from some photo touch-ups, the secret behind these stunning makeups is an effective face primer! Yup is the same beauty product that most consumers probably cursed at because of its appalling texture and weird consistency. BUT, there is a big chance that such negative sentiments mostly root from using the wrong kind of primers. Believe it or not, this cosmetic item can transform a mediocre look into a fabulous one in an instant. You just have to find what will work wonders for your skin type. With that said, here's a sneak peek of the ultimate Makeup Primers for 2021 that you will surely be obsessed with!

In fear that you might get overwhelmed with a massive selection of makeup primers, we opt to only give you the crème de la crème for each skin type instead. After countless comparisons and research, we now proudly present you with the two finest nominees for each category. Check out the list below and witness the head-to-head battle between our top picks. Feel free to deem which one you think is the real winner!

Best Primers for Oily Skin

We cannot stress enough how makeup primers are crucial for people with oily skin since a good layer of this beauty product can make your makeup stay on your face all day. Seriously! It is basically a cosmetic glue that holds down all your makeup onto the skin, preventing any slip-offs and extra sheen. Not to mention that most Makeup Primers for 2021 are now also featuring skincare ingredients that offer oil control and additional moisture to the face. Here are the top 2 primer nominees for oily skin:

Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer

Aside from being a notable contender in our very own makeup primer contest, this Veil Mineral Primer from Hourglass is no stranger to praises and recognitions, for it has been bagging awards from various beauty magazines ever since. No one can blame the awarding bodies and critiques because, after all, this primer deserves it all! Unlike other typical primers, this one has a satin, cloud-like consistency that is oil-free and non-greasy. Plus, it provides SPF 15 sun protection while concealing skin issues like redness andskin aging.

Estée Lauder The Mattifier Shine Control Perfecting Primer + Finisher

People with oily skin types must always remember that mattifying primers are their best bet to avoid patchy, slipping makeup.  In short, they badly need to purchase thisEstée Lauder Perfecting Primerif they want to wear a makeup look that can withstand an action-packed day. This product makes a perfect makeup base for it transforms the skin into a smooth, matte canvas instantly. These shine-control benefits definitely reserve it a spot in the must-haves Makeup Primers for 2021.    

Best Makeup Primer for Dry Skin

It is best to gravitate towards makeup primers with richer and creamier consistency for dry skin that requires more intense hydration. Besides, dry skin tends to become sensitive and acne-prone overtime. Think of it as a plant that needs to be indulged with immense nutrients and moisture to thrive. Thus, we choose two top-notch makeup primers that guarantee to meet such particular demands. Here the makeup Primers for 2021 that best suit people with dry skins:   

Benefit The POREfessional Face Primer 

This face primer has been around for years now, yet users are still in love with the results it gives the skin upon application. ThisBenefit's POREfessional Face Primer boasts a translucent formula in a lightweight balm consistency that can moisten the skin while elevating a makeup look. It also contains a dose of Vitamin E - a potent ingredient known for its soothing and healing effects, making it, even more, a perfect match for dry skin types. Finally, as the name suggests, it blurs and reduces pores' appearance so you can effortlessly attain a flawless finish! 

bareMinerals  Good Hydrations Silky Face Primer

bareMineralshad outdone itself when it launched the ace of makeup primers to treat most dry skin issues while elevating a makeup's quality. This product hydrates the skin like no other, and it addressesdry skin problems, especially flaking. It is free from harsh components like parabens, sulfates, and fragrances that often damage the skin. A layer of this primer beneath makeup thoroughly covers imperfections like fine lines and large pores. Indeed, a well-deserving candidate for the top Makeup Primers for 2021 that can aid dry skin. 

Best Primer for Glowing Skin

The collective influence of K-pop and Kardashians on the beauty industry established the trend for glowing, shimmery makeup looks. It is no wonder why cosmetic brands are now launching their respective dazzling primers to entice users to join the fad. It is safe to say that these lustrous deals are working because the demand for primers with glowing claims has been at an all-time high! In this note, we tried our hardest to narrow it down to two. Here are the noteworthy nominees: 

YSL Touche Éclat Blur Primer

If a skin primer can make your makeup and skin 10x better, it is worth every penny! ThisYSL Touche Éclat Blur Primer is the most striking proof of them all. This primer's powerhouse non-greasy formula mainly consists of four nourishing oils - corn oil, apricot kernel oil, passiflora oil, and rice bran oil. This blend of oils leaves the skin unbelievably soft without looking greasy. Instead, it provides a subtle yet captivating luminous look that will make anyone a head-turner. 

Fenty Beauty Pro Filt'r Instant Retouch Primer

Try and use this as the base for your makeup, and we kid you not, you'll immediately get nonstop inquiries about your glowing, dewy look. ThisFenty Beauty Instant Retouchprimer is exclusively formulated to meet Rihanna's request - a soft and moisturizing primer for killer radiance. Queen Riri must be happy because this product is truly the epitome of a vibrant, lightweight primer that everyone should into their makeup collection. With the excellent reviews about its instant retouch effects, we are confident that this makeup item will dominate the Best Makeup Primers for 2021 and the rankings of many years to come. 

Best Primer for All Skin Types

Thanks to the ever-evolving formulas of the cosmetic industry, we get the chance to purchase a primer that can cater to all skin types. Users who doubt their skin types can now use universal beauty products and not worry about a mismatch. Here are the nominees for the Best Primer for All Skin Types are :

Milk Makeup Hydro Grip Primer

This veganHydro Grip Primer from Milk Makeup assures users of all skin types and tones that it can give the ultimate glassy glow! This primer's formula is loaded with splendid ingredients such as Aloe water, hyaluronic acid, sweet cherry, and vitamins B3 and B5 to support that claim. This way, you can have an impeccable makeup base and healthy skin at the same time!

Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer

They say "save the best for last," and that's what we did! We want to end strong, so we intentionally put this Holy Grail in this final section. Thisvegan nourishing primer comes in a gel-like form that smooths the skin with Vitamin A & E. On top of that, it is also very blendable and works well with diverse skin types. Among the other alternatives out there, this primer is absolutely the one worth-investing!

2021 is the Era to Step up Your Makeup Game!

A new year is nearly approaching, and these recommended Makeup Primers for 2021 will be handy in elevating your makeup looks. Thus, keep the worries at bay and get rid of those doubts. Trust these proven and tested primers in bringing out the best version of your skin. Sure enough, you will realize that you should have used these beauty items sooner!

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