Swoosh Him Away With The Perfect First Date Makeup

First Date Makeup

First impressions don’t last, or so they say. When it comes to the  first date, people always tend to leave a positive and remarkable first impressions.

Looking sharp and chic is one way to catch his attention, and wearing the perfectFirst Date Makeup is another. That said, keep on reading and know how to catch his attention on your first date by following these makeup tips!

Prepping Yourself For That Special First Date: Easy Tips And Tricks

Ready to impress him on the first date? We know you got this! And completely throw all the anxieties to the side by following these simple tips and tricks that you can do before the crucial first date!

First things first: You want to make sure that you look like “you”

No one likes a catfish, so for this first date, you may want to make sure that you look exactly like how you look in your photos. Essentially, you wouldn’t want to overdo it on the makeup. Remember, that makeup has the ability to alter your features - and that’s just a big no-no!

For the first date, we’re sure you want to ‘naturally’ impress him, so looking your most authentic self is the best option. Again,go easy on the makeup - you may want to go for something not too heavy. We also highly recommend that you stick to your ‘usual’ makeup look - something that definitely highlights your beautiful features without making you look like a different person.

Prep your skin for the makeup

Now, you don’t want to appear overdone or under-done. What you want here is to look “fine.”

For this part, you’d want to make sure that your face is ready for makeup. Meaning, you may want to groom your brows and pluck wherever it’s needed. Get that canvas ready!

Additionally, you may want to fully prep your skin by doing your usualskincare routine. Wash your face, tone your skin, apply your eye cream and serums, and moisturize! If it’s a day date, then don’t forget theSPF!

Essentially, you may want to do your usual skincare routine a few minutes before you’re ready to sit on your makeup chair and do the magic!

Let the right makeup do its wonders

Once your skin is prepped, then it’s time to put on the makeup. But before doing so, remember that fresh-looking and natural skin is always a stunner. That said, you don’t want to go heavy on your foundation. Remember, guys really don’t like it when it’s too much!

Essentially, you’d want to be as subtle as possible with your foundation. Gently cover up the blemishes and use your trusty concealer wherever it is needed. Again, don’t go too overboard on this as you are aiming for a look as natural-looking as possible.

After you’ve applied your foundation and concealer, it’s time to work on the eyes. Pick a palette that suits the setting first. Going on a daytime date? Then we suggest lighter, more neutral tones for the eyes! Although if it’s a nice candlelight dinner? Then pop in something smokey and shimmery!

Once your eyeshadow is set, apply your mascara to add a little volume on your lashes. After that, you may also want to fill in your brows. Remember to go easy on this part to not appear as too intimidating on your first date.

After your eyes are done, move on to the blush! Apply just the right pop of color on your cheekbones. You may choose a powder orliquid blush for this - the decision is ultimately yours!

Lastly, don’t forget the lipstick! Now, the color you choose  is dependent on the setting. For daytime, you’d want something subtle; and for nighttime, you’d want something darker. Apply your lipstick as you normally would, and maybe seal it with a little gloss for that added plump!

Seal the look with a setting spray… and then spritz your favorite perfume

Of course, you’d want to make sure that your makeup will stay intact all-day or all-night long. And to do that, you will need your trusty setting spray! 

You don’t need a lot of this to seal the look, so go easy on the spraying. Hold your setting spray about a foot away from your face and start spritzing.

Once you’re done with the setting spray, then it’s time to bring out the perfume! Impress him with that fragrant, alluring scent. However, be careful not to overdo this! 

To get just the right ‘amount’ of the scent, spray your perfume into the air and then walk into it. This technique will let all the scent lightly fall onto you and on your outfit, versus getting really overwhelmed with direct sprays.

And don’t forget to be your most authentic self!

Our last tip in swooshing him away on the first date is to be your most genuine, authentic self! Along with the right makeup and outfit, keep in mind that being you is also just as important!

Remember, nothing is more impressive and sexier than confidence, so go ahead and be yourself! Lastly, don’t forget to enjoy, have fun, and keep in mind that first dates don’t always have to be perfect!


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