The Dos and Don’ts to Remember When Using a Retinol Serum

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There is a big chance that you have tried many skincare products, yet nothing seems to work. Suddenly, a friend of yours or an online influencer mentioned something about a lifesaver skincare called Retinol Serum. Well, whoever told you that handy information deserves a “thank you” because you are on the verge of finding out the answer to your skin problems.

 Due to the serum’s wonder, skincare brands worldwide have been providing the market with their respective take on its formulation. There is retinol serum for acne scars, an Advanced Retinol serum with Hyaluronic Acid, and there is now an Organic Retinol Serum! The variations go in a long, long list, yet one thing is for sure about this particular kind of serum. If you do not know how to use it, the issues will outweigh the benefits. Therefore, it is essential to know every bit of important information about this miraculous product.

What is a Retinol Serum, and how it transforms the skin?

Retinol is an expert acclaimed anti-aging ingredient (derived from Vitamin A) that delays the symptoms of skin aging and gives desirable solutions for other skin concerns. First of all, it prevents acne breakout since its application unclogs your pores and diverts away dead skin cells. It also helps in lightening the acne marks; no doubt that today, a retinol serum for acne is one of the well-loved variants among consumers.

Moreover, it is regarded as the ideal serum for sun-damaged skin since it gradually eliminates sunburns, dark spots, and melasma from the skin. This way, the face will look more toned out, and there will only be a minimum skin discoloration. In short, this kind of serum will give you the ideal results that you are longing to experience – radiant, younger-looking, and acne-free skin. But keep in mind that this will only happen if you use it in the correct way. See the Dos and Don’ts below to understand the product further.

The Do’s that You Must Follow upon Its Usage

While all skins are different, there are a few general guidelines and tips that will help you optimize such serum effects. The following are the Dos that you must religiously take note of whenever you use the trusted product.

  1. DO use a small amount upon initial usage. Most people get overly excited about the thought of clear, healthy skin, so they tend to use an ample amount of the serum when they get a hold of one. But it should not be the case, especially with retinol serum for acne, because chances are the excessive application will only irritate the already sensitive skin. Professional dermatologists suggest that a single pea-sized amount is enough to treat the entire face.
  2. DO apply the product at night. Intense UV rays during the morning decrease the potency of retinol, and no one wants that. As much as possible, try to reach out for the product before bedtime so you can 100 % enjoy its benefits.
  3. DO layer it with a moisturizer.  It is vital to put some moisture back in your skin when you use a powerful serum such as retinol. The way you incorporate a moisturizer together with the serum depends on the state of your skin. Some people are okay with layering a moisturizer on top of the serum (if you do this, wait for a few minutes before you apply the former); others prefer directly mixing a slight amount of moisturizer with the serum to minimize any irritation. Both ways are acceptable as long as you feel comfortable in applying the product.

The Don’ts to Avoid when You Use a Retinol Serum

New users of this great serum often stop using the product when they see the “retinol uglies” because they assume that it only worsens their skin condition. But the truth is they miss out on looking these don’ts to start with.

  1. DO NOT forget to use sunscreen every day. Though it is renowned as a serum for sun-damaged skin, retinol is not an advisable alternative for a broad-spectrum sunscreen. In fact, that one-time use in the evening is enough, and it is better to leave out the serum during daylight altogether. If you know that you will be doing activities under harsh heat, forget about the serum and opt for a sunscreen (with SPF 30 or higher) right away!
  2. DO NOT exfoliate. Please pass on any exfoliation 2-3 days prior to the serum’s application. Since retinoids boost the skin cell turnover, it already has a natural exfoliating effect. Thus, another form of exfoliation together with the product can cause hypersensitive skin and, eventually, irritation.
  3. DO NOT use it daily. Like how much product to use, there is also a misconception about the frequency of retinol’s application. A lot of users thought that this type of serum could easily be added to their daily routine. However, you can only use the specific serum once or twice at max weekly when you are only starting. Your skin needs to be accustomed to the retinoids slowly, and it needs time to build up its tolerance to the serum. When your face finally does not react much –redness, dry flakes, irritation begin to fade, gradually switch to 3-4 times application per week.

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All Good Things take Time – Beauty Skincare Included!

Countless people have tried different forms of retinol, might it be through serums or creams. And most of them decided to step back and conclude that the product must not have been working because their skin turned into a red, dry, and flaky surface. As hard as it is, you have to wait for the skin “purge” to be over, and only then can you see the long-awaited magical result that everyone’s raving about.  It takes patience since most products with retinoids take a week or even more to display effects.

To sum up, retinol, like any other product, is certain to meet your skincare expectations when used sensibly. With the knowledge of its dos and don’ts, you will rarely get out of track in achieving the dream skin of yours!

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