The Easy 5-Step Korean Skincare Routine to Try At Home

Skincare RoutineMany are intrigued by the famous 10-step K-beauty skincare regimen, which promises glowing, glass skin. Yet only a few people religiously follow the trend for various reasons – action-packed schedules, limited owned skincare products, and laziness. While the last reason sounds absurd, it is true! The sight of a long list of skincare steps alone can take away one’s enthusiasm to actually try such a beauty process. However, we cannot deny that all of us badly want to have that healthy glow one way or another. To put an end to this dilemma, we condensed the tedious procedure into a 5-stepKorean Skincare Routineinstead!

This way, you will only need half the number of products that the initial routine requires. Don’t worry. The included skincare items are typical ones that people store in their bathroom cabinets, so you won’t have to make an extra purchase. After all, this is the point of this simple Korean skincare routine– fewer hassles and reduced spending. This shortcut version is swift and easy, perfect for busy (and lazy) K-beauty skincare fans out there!

Do you exclusively need Korean Skincare Products? 

I know what you are thinking - Since it says “Korean,” should you strictly use Korean Skincare Products? Preferably, you should because K-beauty skincare products are generally more effective than generic ones. Beauty manufacturers in South Korea are naturally more meticulous and innovative, especially with skincare. Koreans believe that great skin is one of the greatest assets that a person can have. We firmly stand with them regarding that notion for a person is more confident at everything whenever they get stunning skin.

Anyway, you can use whichever product you have and like. Though, we are also going to provide you with some of our recommended Korean skincare products below IN CASE you want to test out the finest goodies from the K-beauty market. 

Korean Skin Care Routine at Home: 5 Easy Steps

Korean Skincare Products

Step 1: Double Cleanse

A Korean skincare routine will not be considered legit if you will not begin with a double-cleanse. Perhaps, you already heard about this technique from some beauty gurus or K-dramas that you recently watched. Double-cleansing is a skincare method where you use two different facial cleansers; one oil-based and one water-based.

First, grab your favorite oil cleanser (we love to useClean It Zero Cleansing Balm) and slather it onto your face. This primary cleansing will help you melt-off both leftover makeup and dirt from the skin. Rinse the face, and then follow it up with a water-based cleanser (we recommend thismild cleanser from COSRX). Lather the product on your hand and gently spread it onto your face. This additional cleansing will guarantee that you eliminate any remaining sweat and dirt that the oil-based product missed. Rinse the skin once again with lukewarm water, and pat the face dry.

Step 2: Tone

Once you’re done with cleansing, the next step in this Simple Korean Skincare Routine is to tone. Through toning, you bring back the pH balance of your skin whileminimizing your pores’ appearance. The consistent use of toners (like thisincredible toner from Etude House) gradually makes the skin tighter, and pores look smaller.

The way of application for toners depends on every user. Some apply the product with a cotton pad, but we suggest that you just softly pat the toner on your face. By doing the latter, the majority of the product will not be wasted seeping into the cotton pad; rather, it will directly be absorbed in the skin.  

Step 3: Treatment

This third step, treatment, refers to the assortment of nutrient boosters that are commonly used in a Korean Skincare Routine. These includefacial serums, essences, and ampoules. In a nutshell, they are supercharged kinds of moisturizers loaded with immense antioxidants and other potent ingredients. You can use either of these skincare items to deliver extra skin nutrients. Serums and essences are lighter, so they are ideal for night-use, while ampoules are better treatments to use during mornings.

With your treatment of choice (ours is thisampoule from the K-brand, Peach & Lily), dispense a drop or two onto the warmth of your palms to activate the product, then apply it evenly to the face and décolleté. This layer of treatment offers the skin an overall replenishment and hydration.

Step 4: Eye Cream

The secret in a foolproof Korean skincare routine is a trusted eye cream! Most people take this beauty product for granted, but it makes a significant change to the skin. This product mainly addresses issues lying on our face’s most delicate areas – those creases and lines around the eyes.

Reach for your favorite eye cream (if you don’t have one yet, try thisAMOREPACIFIC Gel Cream). Next, get a pea-size amount and apply the product with your ring finger. Keep in mind that the targeted area is sensitive, so avoid tugging. Spread it nice and soft following the orbital bone.

Step 5: Moisturize

Ultimately, you need to seal all your hard work together, and this is why moisturizing is a crucial step in a Korean skincare routine. This final product’s application ensures that you will get the optimum skin benefits from all the products you’ve layered beforehand. In a way, moisturizers lock the moisture and nutrients onto the skin so the applied products can prolong their effects.

Moisturizing is a no-brainer. Apply your desired amount of moisturizer (we opt forBelif The True Cream Aqua Bomb) on your face, down to your neck and chest. Next thing you know, your skin is glowing like a glass!

Additional Tip to Attain that Flawless, Glass Look Sooner!

Besides doing a Korean Skin Care Routine at Home, you can also achieve the much-sought-after glass skin through a mere habit of wearing sunscreen. Do not put all your efforts to waste by leaving your skin vulnerable under the sun’s detrimental impacts. Always-always wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen that can shield your skin from aggressors and UV rays. We assure you that you’ll achieve that gleaming, flawless skin in no time!

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