8-in-1 Facial Cupping Set

Find your way to looking fresh and young again with Zone – 365 Beauty 8-in-1 Facial Cupping Set. Unlike other cupping sets, our cupping kit comes with five (5) cups of varying sizes because 1 cup does not fit all purposes. Each cup is designed with excellent pliability to provide the right suction and movement over the face and body. A facial cleansing scrub is included for light exfoliation and a 0.25mm derma roller made of Titanium for microneedling to stimulate collagen on the skin and open up the skin for better absorption.

We use 100% Medical-Grade Silicone material guaranteed for extended use. Zone – 365 Beauty made sure that every suction cup is durable and flexible without the tendency to break or have difficulty when gliding. Simple press and release will give you the perfect suction and level of intensity you need.

As an alternative way to stimulate the skin and muscles, cupping is one of the best methods to naturally lift saggy skin and lighten fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, lips, and cheeks. It also helps reduce puffiness and break down cellulite. Zone – 365 Beauty 8-in-1 Facial Cupping Kit has everything you need to treat your face and body right!

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