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Collagen Serum


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Collagen is one of the naturally occurring substances in the body but as the body age, it loses its ability to produce more to keep up with the demands of skin nourishment. As a result, the skin dries, look saggy and lines appear especially on the face where wrinkles, fine lines and age marks appear. The forehead, cheeks, furrow, smile lines, lips area and crow’s feet are among the face parts where lines are visible. To combat this challenge, additional collagen is introduced in the form of supplements for the body and for the face - collagen serum.

Collagen serums contains mainly collagen peptides that come in very small particles formulated to skin penetration when used. Zone – 365 Beauty Collagen Serum is an amazing facial treatment that deals with face rejuvenation and restoration of skin cells and tissues. Our formulation is designed to treat the biggest organ of the body – the skin. With our collagen serum, one can rest at the thought that an anti-aging serum is taking good care of their skin. We have 16% Hydrolyzed Collagen with 10% Sodium Hyaluronate that work hand in hand in keeping the face hydrated and elastic.

A Blend of All-Natural Collagen Peptides for a powerhouse facial treatment, or collagen serum works great with other Zone - 365 Beauty Facial Serums. Use Morning and Night after washing your face for the best results. Firm up and look younger with Zone - 365 Beauty Collagen Serum!

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