Beginner-Friendly Tips When Using a Facial Cupping Set

Facial CuppingDespite the mixed opinions about it, you made up your mind and decided to finally use a Facial Cupping Set to improve your skin health. After all, more people are diving into such treatment, and they swear on how it does wonders to the skin. So, it is time to see it for yourself! But hold that idea for a minute and take your time to acquire some useful tips first. The extra knowledge on how to effectively use the facial cupping tools will help you make the experience much better, especially when you are still a beginner.

Tips like these will prevent any mishaps and discomfort upon a facial cupping session. Plus, if you are doing this for the first time, chances are you will get overwhelmed by its sensation and suddenly back out. Unfortunately, a few new users have been through this and blamed the tools for the unexpected outcome. But the truth is, as long as you are familiar with the tips and tricks of the process, you can anticipate a treatment that is only full of impressive and phenomenal results.   

What is a Facial Cupping Set and Where it All Started

Among the cultures that practiced facial cupping, China is one of the most accredited founders of this healing alternative. The therapy of cupping has been facilitated in the region for thousands of years already. Although before, people only used such in drawing out pus and blood from boils and related ailments. Due to the ever-increasing popularity of facial cupping, no one would think that the earliest suction cups used during ancient times were made of bizarre materials.  Initially, ancient Chinese practitioners facilitate cupping with either cattle horns or cross-sections of bamboo. They then boiled these “cups” in hot water or ignited them with fire to create the vacuum effect.

Today, these traditional practices are still in use but only in those remote areas that do not have access to technology. We all know that in modern cities and lively places, countless variations of facial cupping sets exist. Facial cups are now available in tons of innovative materials such as silicone and glasses. Clinics even offer facial cupping with the use of newly-developed machines and equipment. In addition, several beauty and wellness brands are also selling cupping kits for everyone to try out. Therefore, there is no reason for you to miss out on trying this trendy treatment!                 

Helpful Tips when Using a Facial Cupping Set

Facial Cupping

Have a Good Cleanse

Similar to other beauty procedures, you must use the suction cups on a well-cleansed, fresh face. The last thing you want is to begin gliding the cups and realizing that you are only spreading dirt all over your face, worsening its state. So keep in mind that before anything else, cleansing and exfoliating come first. Take a hot shower or do your skincare routine beforehand. This tip will not only prep up your skin, but it will also give you that extra dose of relaxation.   

Warm-up those Cups

Because it is risky to imitate how professional practitioners fire up their vacuum cups, you can simplify the step by warming them in hot boiling water. This way, the cups will make a more efficient suction to draw out impurities and promote better microcirculation.

Oils are Game-changers

Beginners often feel uncomfortable whenever they move the facial cups to other desired areas because it is slightly painful, and it tugs the skin. The immediate solution for this concern is to use some face oil or lightweight creams. By applying any form of lubricant onto your face, the vacuum cups will seamlessly glide in any motion you desire, making the treatment enjoyable and hassle-free.

Do not stay in an area for too long.

It is fair to make the suction-release motion in a certain area because it will make the skin plumper. But avoid staying in a particular spot for too long. Remember to move the facial cups continually to prevent any bruises or unwanted marks at the end of the session.

Elevate any Cupping Experience with Zone365 Beauty’s Facial Cupping Set!

With the handy tips mentioned above and an excellent cupping kit, you are sure to get the best experience and results out of cupping treatment. Do you not have any facial cupping tools yet? Well, Zone 365 Beauty got you covered! This sustainable beauty brand offers an 8-in-1 Facial Cupping Set that you can easily use at the comfort of your home. Unlike any other cupping sets, this particular cupping kit comes with 5 cups of different sizes to specially treat specific areas of the face. Each cup is made out of 100% Medical –Grade Silicone, so the tools are guaranteed to last for a long time. Because of the high-quality materials used for the cups, you will have no difficulties when you glide them in various motions. The cups are indeed flexible, durable, and user-friendly.

Aside from these great cups, the kit is also packed with a facial cleansing scrub and a 0.25mm derma roller made of Titanium. Both tools are sure to help you in achieving optimum skin health benefits. The cleansing scrub is ideal for light exfoliation, making your skin squeaky clean before the actual treatment. On the other hand, the derma roller is for microneedling to slightly open the skin, promoting better product absorption and collagen production. One may assume that this kit resembling a professional cupping set will cost a fortune. But surprisingly, this fantastic deal is available at a very affordable price, so you can immediately order yours now! Zone365 wants everyday consumers to enjoy this wellness treatment as well. Hence, the reasonable price point.

However, the beauty brand does not sell facial cupping kits alone. The same company is also renowned for being one of the leading brands to produce cleaner skincare alternatives. With this said, Zone365 Beauty prides on developing all-natural, organic, and cruelty-free facial serums. These skincare products are formulated with potent ingredients sourced only by ethical, green farming methods, backing up the brand’s sustainability commitment. Thus, if you want to pair up cupping with other efficacious skincare products to enhance your skin health, definitely check out Zone365 Beauty’s product line!

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