How to Sanitize your Makeup and Beauty Products at Home

Sanitize your Makeup and Beauty Products at HomeDue to the global pandemic that we are currently experiencing, all of us become more aware that health must not be taken for granted and we are susceptible to so many threats daily. The current circumstances also make us realize that keeping our place and belongings tip-top clean should always be our urgent priority. With that said, you must Sanitize your Makeup and Beauty Products as much as possible because they might look fine, BUT thousands of dangerous bacteria reside within them. 

As always, we prepared a handful of tips to make your makeup sanitation and disinfection more manageable. Moreover, you do not need to fret for you only need to use common household items such as cotton pads, cotton buds, bowls, spray bottle and a 70% isopropyl alcohol. Also, the overall sanitation process is quick and hassle-free so we are sure that you can easily take out a minute or two from your day to do this. We compiled sanitation guides that will address most inquiries like how to disinfect makeup brushes, how to disinfect makeup palettes, and a bunch of more disinfection how-to’s. Therefore, be sure to read on until the very end of this article. 

Makeup Sanitation and Disinfection at Home

sanitize makeup and beauty products

We know that it is scary to think that you’ll be saturating those expensive lippies and colorful palettes with alcohol. However, you can rest assured that this sanitation will barely alter any of your makeup products. Instead, this process will guarantee that you and your beauty items are safe from possible health threats. So, keep your worries at bay and let’s get started!

How to Disinfect Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes are one of the most used application tools and sadly, it is the same reason why they rapidly accumulate germs.  To clean your brushes at home, pour some of the 70% isopropyl alcohol on a cotton pad and start wiping its handles as well as their ferrules. To further disinfect and make sure that it is thoroughly sanitized, use a bottle spray containing the mentioned kind of alcohol earlier and spritz on the brushes’ bristles. 

Note: If you want an in-depth santation for your brushes, you can do a primary “cleanse”. You can do this using brush soaps like this one from Spectrum. We recommend this one because like our brand,Zone-365 Beauty, the said company also offers cruelty-free beauty products. 

How to Disinfect Makeup Palettes

You must be expecting a complicated sanitation technique for your delicate makeup palettes yet this practice is basically a walk in the park. Again, reach out for your alcohol bottle spray and drench the makeup (yup, those eyeshadows, blushes, pressed powders and bronzers) with the disinfectant. One you notice that the surface is entirely wet, let it dry for hours.  Be sure to also wipe its cases clean to guarantee a foolproof sanitation. You can use the cotton pad for the actual packaging surface, and the cotton buds for hard-to-reach corners.

How to Sanitize Liquid Lipstick and Lip Liners

When you finally sanitize your makeup and beauty products, you might get intimidated and borderline confused on how to sanitize liquid lipstick because of their consistency. Since most liquid lipsticks are rich and thick, you need to wipe the wand applicator with a cotton pad before soaking it to a bowl filled with the 70% isopropyl alcohol. After a couple of minutes (5-10 minutes), you can now take out the wand and wipe it for the second time with a cotton pad soaked with alcohol. Wait for it to completely dry before inserting it again in the tube. 

On the other hand, lip liners vary – they can be retractable one or a pencil-like which you can sharpen. For the former, simply retract a quarter inch length of the product and using a palette knife, cut that part off. Then, proceed on wiping the entire liner with an alcohol-soaked cotton pad.

Lastly, lip pencils can be simply sharpened although keep in mind that you must saturate the sharpener first in an alcohol-filled bowl. After a minute or two, retrieve the sharpener and wipe it clean with a cotton pad. Once ensured that the sharpener itself is sanitized, go ahead and sharpen the lip pencil. 

How to Sanitize Makeup between Clients (for Makeup Artists)

Suppose that you are a makeup artist, you are still advised to follow the prior mentioned sanitation tips. The only difference is that you have some additional tools to sanitize and you are strictly encouraged to religiously follow hygienic precautions for your client’s safety. Here are some of the extra items that you should disinfect: tools like tweezers, lash applicators, and lash curlers. Submerge all of these beauty tools in an alcohol-filled bowl and let it dry for 5 minutes. Ultimately, pop yourmakeup bag/kit in a washing machine (if they are washable) and put an antibacterial soap. That’s it, easy-peasy!

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