Hyaluronic Acid Serum: Why Keeping Skin Hydrated Matters

Hyaluronic Acid Serum

In order for the skin to do its vital functions in our bodies, it must be kept adequately hydrated. Otherwise, its protective barrier can be broken, allowing harmful environmental factors to enter, making our bodies prone to infections, and cause redness, itchiness, flakiness, wrinkles, and other serious skin problems. 

You probably drinking 8 glasses of water or more in a day but still notices dryness and flakiness in your skin making you bothered and confused. You might be surprised to know but the water you drink will be absorbed by other organs before it reaches your skin and you are losing water even by simply breathing. 

So, if you want to restore the healthy-looking aspect of the skin, keeping your skin hydrated from the outside as well by applying a skincare product that helps lock in moisture like Hyaluronic Acid Serum will show a visible difference in your skin’s complexion and overall health. 

Why keeping your skin hydrated from the outside matter? 

Being the largest organ in our body, our skin needs an adequate amount of water to function at its best. Our skin comprises 64% water that enables it to do its functions ofeliminating toxins in the form of sweat, regulating body temperature, helping us sense the outer environment, and beyond those it serves as a protective barrier to prevent harmful things like UV radiation, pathogens, toxins, chemicals and irritants from our environment from entering our bodies. 

Keeping your body hydrated from the inside is definitely crucial for your overall health, but sometimes, the water you drink might not be enough to keep your skin well-hydrated and moisturized. So if you want to keep your skin healthy, it is vital to hydrate your skin from the outside as well as to retain its moisture. 

Skincare formulas with ingredients such as hyaluronic acid can improve the skin’s moisture content while strengthening the skin barrier to protect your skin cells from damages caused by harmful free radicals in the environment. Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is naturally present in our body and the larger amount of it is found in the skin where it binds with water to keep skin hydrated and plump. 

Here are the followingHyaluronic Acid Serum Benefits:

Prevents Premature Aging by Increasing Elasticity of Your Skin 

The elasticity of our skin refers to the skin’s ability to bounce back to its original shape after being stretched. It is what helps us fight the gravity that’s pulling our skin downward. Thus, when we lose skin’s elasticity, our skin starts to show signs of aging such as sagging and wrinkling. While skin’s sagging cannot be avoided completely as we age, maintaining the ideal skin moisture by ensuring your skin is well-hydrated helps to keep it at bay.

Hyaluronic Acid Serum fortifies the skin’s natural barriers to help lock moisture in and continues to draw moisture in your skin from the surrounding environment, providing long-lasting hydration and elasticity in your skin.

Hyaluronic Acid for Oily Skin

Prevents the overproduction of oil that clogs pores and causes breakouts by ensuring proper moisture balance in the skin. 

Hyaluronic acid serums remove toxins in your skin that cause clogged pores, oily skin, and other impurities help you prevent suffering from skin problems like dry skin leading to eczema, acne, skin redness, itching, and inflammation.

Maintains Your Skin’s pH Balance

The pH scale of the skin refers to how acidic or neutral it is. Like the other organs in our body, our skin functions at its best within an ideal pH level and environment. For our skin to maintain its barrier, the most ideal pH level to maintain is around 5.5 which is slightly acidic. By ensuring the pH level of your skin is balanced, your skin is able to maintain a robust barrier enabling it to function as your body’s protective defense organ against extrinsic aging factors.  

Reduces Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Keeping skin hydrated locks in moisture which helps alleviate aging signs like wrinkles and fine lines by keeping the skin cells to bind actively. Moisture also aids with collagen formation to lift deep lines and saggy skin, making the face look supple and plump.

Maintain your youthful glow by incorporating this Hyaluronic Acid Serum into your Anti-aging Skincare Routine! 

In order to give you extra hyaluronic acid to incorporate in your skin, Zone-365 formulated each bottle of botanical Hyaluronic Acid Serum with 20% hyaluronic acid to retain moisture in your skin keeping it hydrated all day, making it soft, smooth, and much younger-looking. It also has organic aloe and Vitamin C, which helps revitalize repair, and soothes skin, and supports skin cells in the process of natural skin lightening. This Hyaluronic Acid Serum by Zone-365 amazingly stalls the skin’s natural aging process so you can say laters to the wrinkles, fine lines, sag skin, and crows feet.

From preventing premature aging to giving you firmer, plumper, glowing and younger-looking skin, keeping your skin hydrated from the inside and outside makes a meaningful difference. Take years off your face, make your skin healthier and love the skin you’re in more with Zone-365.

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