Look Fresh With The Best Under Eye Concealer: Applicatin Tips & Tricks

Best Under Eye Concealer

A concealer is pretty magical when it comes to the world of makeup and cosmetics. This little bottle filled with highly-pigmented liquid can surely cover up your zits, pimples, and other blemishes in a jiffy. On top of that, it also works well to brighten up the undereye area!

However, there is more to the Best Under Eye Concealer than flawlessly and instantly covering up our blemishes! With the right technique, this tiny bottle of liquid magic can take your look to an entirely different level.

With that being said, we are giving you five useful tips and tricks on nailing that flawless coverage and further maximizing your trusty little concealer!

Five Useful Tips And Tricks On Maximizing The Best Under Eye Concealer

1 When using your concealer as an under-eye cover-up, draw it in a triangle pattern.

One surefire way to maximize your under-eye concealer is by drawing it in a triangle pattern. Generally, what you want to take note of here is that when the concealer is directly applied under your eyes, it will only emphasize  the area instead of concealing it.Thus,  making the appearance of puffy eyes more prominent.

To avoid this common mistake, you may want to start drawing an inverted triangle on your under-eye area. You essentially want the base to sit just right under your eye with the tip pointing towards your cheeks. 

Creating this pattern will help not only to flawlessly conceal your dark circles but will also brighten up your entire face. Practically speaking, doing the triangle trick is a quick and easy way to instantly lift and brighten up your eyes. 

2 Covering up dark circles? Use an orange or peach concealer!

Conceal Dark Under-Eye Circles flawlessly by using an orange or peach concealer. The orange or peach color has the ability to cancel out and tone down dark blue shadows, which are basically the colors of dark circles.

Additional tip: when applying a concealer under your eyes, remember to use your ring finger and dab it softly around the area. Keep in mind that this part of our skin is the most sensitive, so you want to be extra gentle when you are working around that area. Moreover, using your ring finger to apply the product will guarantee just the right amount of pressure needed to blend, especially to thedelicate under-eye skin.

3 Stash on some color-correcting concealers!

If you are dealing with skin discoloration, then you may want to invest in a few color-correcting concealers. These specially pigmented concealers are formulated to tone down and mute existing discolorations, preparing them for your final layer of concealer and foundation.

Color-correcting works on different skin tones, so you may want to find colors that go well with your skin. For example, if you have fair skin with blue-toned dark spots, then you may want to go after a pale-pink or peach concealer to neutralize the hues. Those with medium skin tones, on the other hand, may rely on orange-pink concealers to tone down dark spots, and on dark skin tones, we have found that yellow concealers offset the blemishes well.

4 Need to cover up those annoying zits? Use a green concealer!

We  can’t stress the importance of choosing  the right color of the concealer  when you are trying to flawlessly cover up any blemishes. And if you happen to have zits, then a green concealer is your best bet!

Practically, a green concealer cancels out the redness of the prominent zit, making it nearly invisible once you finish it off with your usual concealer and foundation. This will make the job not only easier but more precise for you.

Additional tip: gently tap a green-tinted concealer directly onto the zit, but make sure to avoid the surrounding skin. Afterwards,  use a cotton swab to blend a bit of your usual concealer (that matches your skin tone) to fully cover up the blemish. Follow it with your foundation or setting powder, and voila! Your zit would look like it wasn’t there in the first place. 

5 Got puffy eyes? Mask them off by mixing your concealer with a tad bit of your highlighter and eye cream!

Puffy eyes can be a little annoying. Although sometimes,  a concealer alone is never enough to hide them. However, there is a little solution to that: a good mix of your usual concealer, eye cream, and highlighter!

Essentially, what you may want to do here is to mix a little bit of all the products at the back of your hand and gently tap the concoction onto your skin. Remember to not go too much with this and just use the right amount. The mix of the concealer, eye cream, and highlighter will brighten up the area and give your puffy eyes that nicer, more energetic look.

Additional tip: after applying your concealer, blot the area with a blotting paper or a thin tissue paper to prevent it from seeping into the creases of your eye area. Doing this trick will help prevent your concealer from getting cakey after a few hours of wearing it.

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