Three Reasons Why Night Time Skincare Matters

Rejuvenating Night SerumWe all know that the first step to having beautiful skin is sticking to agood skincare routine. After that, we opt for the right products and off to achieve that flawless, clear, supple skin we go!

However, what many of us are not always mindful of is the fact that we should split our skincare routine into two. Not only do we need to religiously follow one during the day, but we should also take the extra steps in doing a different routine at night.

Nighttime skincare is just as equally important as daytime. While our daytime regime is focused on keeping the skin protected, our nighttime routine is built differently. Its main goal is to treat the skin and give it all the nutrients it needs as we doze the night off.

Quick Tip: Night Time Skincare Shouldn’t Match Your Day Time Skincare

During the day, our skin is prone to various environmental elements that can cause dirt and oil buildup, clogging the pores. This is essentially the main reason why we must apply our daytime skincare products and keep dirt and other debris from penetrating our skin.

Nighttime skincare, on the other hand, ideally focuses on helping the skin to regenerate and rejuvenate. This is the ideal time for us to give our skin that extra love and care it needs. On top of that, our skin also naturally “recharges” itself as we sleep, so it’s best that apply all the essential nighttime skincare products to aid the process.

Now the many ask: is it okay to use the same products for my daytime and nighttime skincare? While there is nothing wrong with using the same products, your skin may not be able to maximize the benefits if you do so. That said, it is highly recommended that you keep a separate stash of skincare products for the day and the night.

Essentially, you may want to have the following skincare products for you to use during the day:

  • Facial cleanser
  • Facial toner
  • Face serum
  • Eye cream
  • Moisturizer
  • Sunscreen

And for the night, you may want to have the following handy:

  • Facial cleanser
  • Facial toner
  • Night Hydrating Serum
  • Eye cream
  • Moisturizer
  • Overnight sleep mask

Three Reasons Why Nighttime Skincare Is Just As Important

If you have been taking your nighttime skincare for granted, then this is a sign that you shouldn’t! We get it, sometimes we’re just too tired to do it, but trust us - it’s worth it!

In this section, we are giving you three good reasons why you should not neglect doing your skincare routine before bedtime.

1 As we sleep, our skin recharges, making it the ideal time for our skin to get that extra care

We recharge during oursleep, and the same thing applies to our skin. That said, having a handful of skincare products, such as an overnight sleeping mask and anOrganic Hydrating Night Serum is a surefire way to aid this regeneration process for our skin.

On a deeper note, doing your skincare routine at night aids the skin well with a natural rejuvenation process, encouraging a healthier and more supple skin the next day. Moreover,nighttime skincare is also a good way to focus on skin repair and hydration as the entire body rests.

2 Your skin tends to absorb skincare products better at night

Another reason why nighttime skincare is absolutely important is due to the fact that it is highly penetrable during the night. On a closer note, the skin’s barrier is down at this time, so it easily absorbs anything that you put on to it.

Additionally,the skin is generally more relaxed at night. It is also during this period that it isn’t exposed to the environment, having any hindrances in fully absorbing every single active ingredient that your skincare product has to offer.

3 Your skin temperature rises at night, and, at the same time, loses moisture 

We may not notice this at all, but our skin temperature is at its peak during the night. This is when our skin is also more acidic than it is during the daytime. This rise in body temperature may trigger the skin to dry out and eventually lose moisture.

And speaking of moisture - our skin has this natural moisturizer called sebum which is typically produced more in the day. At night, sebum production significantly decreases, which often results in moisture loss for the skin.

For these reasons, nighttime skincare products are filled with extremely moisturizing active ingredients to efficiently ‘make up’ for the loss of moisture as we sleep at night.

Wake Up With Nourished Skin Every Morning With This Rejuvenating Night Serum From Zone 365 Beauty!

And if you happen to be looking for the right products to add up to your nighttime skincare routine, then you have landed on the right place!Zone 365 Beauty is a brand that offers selectall-natural, organic, and vegan-friendly skincare products. Formulated to keep the skin in its best and healthiest shape, the products from the brand are proudly ethically produced and are cruelty-free.

For your nighttime skincare needs, Zone 365 Beauty offers its very ownRejuvenating Night Serum. An all-natural, lightweight face serum intricately formulated for night time use, this Night Hydrating Serum is packed with green tea and watermelon extracts, vitamin E, and other plant-based extracts that work well to replenish the skin’s moisture as we sleep.

The Final Takeaway: Nighttime Skincare Matters And It’s Worth The Effort

Don’t we just all love the feeling of dozing off at night? It is during this time that we get to relax, rest, and prepare ourselves for the next day. And just like how we feel, the same thing applies to our skin!

It is during nighttime that our skin barriers are down, giving us the opportunity to efficiently and fully absorb all the benefits our skincare products have to offer. It is also during nighttime that our skin recharges, making it an ideal time for us to aid the process by giving it that extra care and loving!

That said, nighttime skincare is just a crucial as daytime skincare. So the next time you feel like skipping your nightly skincare routine, don’t! It is worth the effort, and it will definitely pay off the next day.

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