Collagen Serum and Other Ways to Restore Skin Nourishment

Skin Nourishment

Collagen refers to a group of proteins that holds the body together; it is in our bones, ligaments, and tendons. We naturally produce a lot of collagen, and its abundance makes up a third of the overall protein present in the body. It plays a massive role in giving our body tissues the rigidity and structure that we need. But as we age, the production slows down, and the collagen levels drop, initiating weaker muscles, joint pains, and skin aging. And this is where Collagen Serum comes in handy since these unfortunate effects show especially on the outer part of the body –our skin.

The change is evident through the increase of wrinkles and skin elasticity loss; many people cannot help themselves from finding alternatives on how to boost their skin subsistence once again. With the immense skincare-related innovations nowadays, it is a relief that there are several ways to address such concerns. This supply of collagen from beauty products alongside healthy practices is the perfect duo to restore your skin nourishment. 

Collagen Serum and Skin Nourishment

Collagen comes in varying forms, but today, serums top the list of the most convenient and effective ways to deliver collagen nutrients into the skin. The use of a collagen serum for skin is similar to a direct dose of nourishment and glow. As serums can adequately penetrate the skin while delivering a high collagen concentration back to our system, it makes it more ideal for skin rejuvenation.

The consistent application of a collagen serum for face benefits youthful skin and an instant healthy glow. The amplified presence of collagen causes the skin to look plumper, less dry, and firm. Furthermore, the anti-aging serum makes sure to decrease the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots. Do not be surprised if you will look a few years younger after the total skin makeover.

Other Ways to Bring Your Skin’s Nourishment Back

Besides an efficacious skin serum, changing some of your habits can do wonders in bringing that desirable nourishment back to the skin. They might look simple, but the fascinating results will not only make a skin restoration possible, but it will also lead you to an overall healthier lifestyle. The following are the most common ways to best incorporate a collagen serum for skin. 

Reduce Sugar and Refined Carbs Intakes

It is a known fact that too much sugar and carbs intakes are detrimental to our health. They have negative impacts on the body, such as heart disease, diabetes, inflammation, and higher blood pressure. These food choices are equally harmful to our skin, mainly if you are on the journey of speeding up your collagen production. Excessive intake of both sugar and refined carbs can worsen skin conditions. The covalently cross-linking between the two collagen fibers will send each other close to being unrepairable.  Thus, skin revitalization cannot fully take place due to such damage and delay.

Avoid Smoking

If you do smoke, please try to limit or avoid it altogether. There is a study showing that the synthesis rates of collagen are significantly lower whenever a person smokes. Plus, smoking has long been associated with premature aging.  The nicotine and other chemicals in cigarettes trigger molecular events that damage our skin health. Therefore, it would be better to distance yourself from smoking as much as possible if your goal is to have that well-nourished skin.

ALWAYS protect your skin from the sun

Long, intense sun exposure reduces collagen and elastin concentration. Subsequently, the skin will be more susceptible to the symptoms of skin aging. Not to mention that the harsh sunlight and UV rays are also the notorious culprits of many skin concerns such as skin cancer. With this said, it is highly advisable that one should do frequent sunscreen applications every day. Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF or higher to protect your skin from these threats.      

Zone365 Beauty on Providing Collagen Face Serum Benefits like No Other!

Zone365 Beauty offers a fantastic facial treatment that will cater to your collagen needs. The brand’s team has successfully developed an organic, all-natural, and cruelty-free anti-aging serum that contains pure collagen peptides. This Collagen Serum for face benefits and leaves the skin nourished inside out. The product is also infused with herbal blend, essential oil, and 10% Sodium Hyaluronate to ensure that the skin is hydrated and smoother than ever.

Aside from the said premium product, Zone365 Beauty prides on having a wide selection of greener beauty skincare alternatives. Its impressive product line of plant-based skincare aims to encourage consumers that a person’s beauty must not compromise another beauty – nature’s; and instead, harmonize.

Collagen Serum works Better with a Healthy, Sustainable Lifestyle

The sad reality is that no product will work fine if we would only cancel out its favorable output with our irresponsible actions.  It does not necessarily mean that you need to instantly change all of your existing habits and adapt to healthier ones. It is not easy, and an abrupt shift of lifestyle is just not sustainable.

So, take your time and lean on simpler acts towards your skin and health betterment. Start to incorporate more feasible habits daily like applying a facial serum, putting a sunscreen, and only eating half of that mouthwatering sweet treat. Keep in mind that a slow pace of improvement is still progress, even in skincare.

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