3 Effective Techniques in Applying a Retinol Serum

Retinol Serum

Skincare products always come with manuals and guides to clearly instruct the consumers of the most effective way to use them. While this is helpful, tricky ones like a Retinol Serum require a more practical approach for its promised benefits only show when applied suitably. So, do not be surprised if you will have to go through several trials and errors before achieving that ultimate result that everyone’s talking about. It is only natural that you will hop into different application methods until you discover which way works best for your skin type. 

To make your hunt easier, we curated the three most well-known techniques on how you can apply a retinol serum, and who knows? One of these ways may be your best go-to kind of application later on. Read on and find which one can complement your skin needs.  

1. The Old-school Way

Firstly, you must try the universal and traditional approach that most users do whenever they use a retinol serum – the classic layering. You do this by thoroughly cleansing your face, pat the skin dry. Make sure that it is completely dry, no slight damp or whatsoever. Retinols, in general, are a powerful, potent ingredient, and when you apply it on a wet face, it will instantly sink deeper into the skin. (As much as good that sounds) You do not want that to happen because when skincare products containing retinol sit into the deeper skin layers, it often results in intense irritation. That is why; it is safer to wait for another 20 minutes before applying the actual product. 

Once the skin is ready, carefully apply the retinol serum across the face, avoiding the eye area. You may also spread some on your neck and lightly pat the skin with your fingers for better product absorption. Again, wait a couple of minutes. Then, layer your favorite moisturizer on top of the serum to lock in the moisture. Simple as that! It is easy, and many users are fine with this mode of application, rarely experiencing any side effects. 

2. The ‘Sandwich Technique’

This next way also adapts the concept of skin product layering, yet this one is a tad meticulous. This specific method is ideal for sensitive skin types, so it suggests an extra amount of moisturizer. To start, you have to repeat all of the initial mentioned steps from the first technique – cleanse, completely dry the skin, and wait for 20 minutes. 

But this time, instead of the retinol serum, you will begin by applying a moisturizing cream onto your face. This primary layer of moisture will serve as a “buffer” to prepare your skin for any possible intense reaction from the retinol serum. Do not worry! This base layer of moisturizer does not decrease the efficacy of the retinol. It only helps your skin to build up a tolerance.  After waiting another 30 minutes for the skin to fully absorb the moisturizer, you can go ahead and apply a layer of retinol serum on top of it. Wait a hot minute for the serum to settle, and then proceed on spreading another layer of moisturizer to seal everything together. As you can observe, the order for the layering of products resembles a sandwich (hence the name).  Following this moisture-full technique will be beneficial for anyone that is only trying the product for the first time.   

3. Mixing it up

If you are one of those users who have overly sensitive skin, this method is definitely for you. If you tried retinol product before and failed to enjoy its wonders due to discomfort, this is a shot to take. Among all of the available techniques, this one is the gentlest option to apply a retinol serum, not to mention that it is easier and quicker. 

Cleanse your face and again, leave it entirely dry. Then, take 1-2 drops of retinol serums onto your palm and mix it with your moisturizer.  This way, the retinol will dilute, letting your skin adjust quickly. You might be thinking – “Why do I need the other ways if this one looks like it is the perfect application of the product?” Well, sad to say that while this approach is quicker and more convenient, it reduces the potency of the serum because of the dilution. For that reason, this method is only commended if you suffer from a retinol burn or you have extremely sensitive skin. 

This list of techniques implies that moisturizers play a vital role when using an intense skincare product.  Retinol serum for sensitive skin demands additional moisturizer during usage, so be sure to slather your skin with your favorite ones. In addition, keep in mind that serums composed of retinol are solely for night-use because UV rays in the daytime lessen the product’s efficiency.    

Zone365 Beauty and Its Advanced Retinol Serum with Hyaluronic Acid

Retinol Serum

With the soaring demands for such products with retinol or retinoids, skincare beauty brands are quick to launch their respective versions of the ever-popular item. Zone365 Beauty, a breakthrough skincare brand, is able to take it a step further and develop an upgraded take on your favorite skincare staple. The brand formulated an organic retinol serum called Retinol 2.5 Serum with Hyaluronic Acid, which specially targets aging’s primary symptoms, such as fine lines, wrinkles, and dry skin. Since the facial serum contains a considerable amount of retinol, it is more than capable of promoting skin renewal. It gently exfoliates the skin eliminating dead skin cells and only leaving you with a rejuvenated, youthful glow!

Aside from the wonder serum’s anti-aging prowess, it is also an excellent treatment for acne breakouts. Because this product is retinoid-packed, it unclogs the pores from excessive oil and other pollutants that may cause acne formation. This facial serum is also blended with Vitamin E, so it will likewise address your existing acne by soothing and healing the skin faster. It would even lighten acne marks and smooth out skin texture so you can effortlessly achieve that clear, healthy look!

Zone365 offers more than this incredible retinol serum. The brand also has various plant-based facial serums compatible with all skin types. These serums are all-natural, organic, and cruelty-free. Rest assured that you will not put a single harsh chemical onto your skin, but only the pure goodness sustainably sourced from nature. Checkout Zone365 to know the full details!

Listen to What Your Skin Wants

At the end of the day, it all boils down to your skin needs and its reaction to the product you are using. It is important to always tune in with what your skin is trying to tell you. Obviously, it does not know how to speak out words, although they effectively communicate to us by manifesting skin signs. These include irritation, breakout, itchiness, and any extreme discomfort. Therefore, there is no definite way to apply a retinol serum or any skincare products, for that matter. Yes, some guides and tips are absolutely beneficial to keep you on track. Yet again, know and listen to what your skin truly wants, and you will reach any skin goals in no time.

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