Look Chic & Classy With These Top Lipstick Trends 2021

Lipstick Trends 2021

We’ve all been there: 2020 just wasn’t the best year for all of us. With the pandemic still affecting the rest of the world, you may be wondering if you’ll ever be able to use yourBest New Lipstick, let alone follow the newLipstick Trend 2021.

But with the new year finally here, we don’t see any reasons why you can’t carry on with the continuously changing beauty trends! That being said, we are here to guide you through this year’s rising lipstick trends that you can follow to achieve a look that is always on fleek all throughout the year.

Look Chic And Classy All Through Out The Year With These Lipstick Trends

Just like fashion, the trends in beauty also changes as time passes by. We’ve been through an era ofrazor-thin eyebrows and now we’re in a time where thick,bushy brows are the new black.

And the same thing applies to lip color! In this section, we are giving you this year’s four most trending looks you can try using theBest Lipstick Shades.

Lipstick Trend #1: Stained Lips

Stained lips are a beauty trend that was first popularized by Korean celebrities. Low maintenance, yet very chic, this trend is admired by many due to its subtle yet sophisticated look.

This lipstick trend is generally achieved by using a lip tint or a lip stain, opting for a little pop of color on spreading from the inner part of the lips.

And when it comes to going after this look, less is more! You need not apply the tint onto your whole lips, just a few dabs and you’re good to go.

Lipstick Trend #2: The Oxblood, Deep Red

The year 2021 is dubbed as The Year of The Ox, and for that reason, dark shades are in. The trend of deep reds is not new when it comes to the world of makeup, let alone when picking the Best Lipstick Shades.

Dark lipsticks are going to be in for a while, especially during the winter season and a couple of weeks after it. The shade “oxblood” is going to make a very upfront statement that will add up that flare to your overall look. On top of that, this bold shade is also easily theBest Winter Lipstick For Fair Skin.

Besides, nobody can go wrong with dark red lips! And this year is the perfect time for you to abuse that deep, dark, red lipstick that you’ve been keeping in your makeup pouch.

Lipstick Trend #3: The Fun And Chic Fuchsia

At one point, we all loved Barbie and the fun life that she has! So for those who want to outlive their Barbie Girl dreams, then this lipstick trend is for you!

Bring out your fun, bright fuchsia lipstick because this is also in this year. This bold pink is yet another ideal fit during the winter, so make sure to bring out your chic-est coat and pop in that striking color on your lips.

To make the look even more popping, seal it with agloss!

Lipstick Trend #4: Neutral Taupes

Neutrals will always come in handy, regardless of the season! With people loving a more muted palette, then a good taupe lipstick truly is worth the shot.

Taupe lipsticks are generally a safe choice, making them easy to match with any look. But if you are looking to kick things up a notch, pair this neutral color with dark, vivid eye makeup. 

You may opt for something bold like smokey eyes to fully complement this muted lip color.

Slay And Make Your Lips Pop By Following These Easy Lipstick Application Tricks

Just like in art, you must first prep your canvass before you started painting. In this section, we’re giving you three easy-to-do tips (prior to makeup)

that will make your lips even more popping.

Lightly exfoliate and hydrate your lips

The last thing you’d want is to have chapped, fakey, or uneven lipstick! That said, you may want to make sure that your lips are ready for that matte or creamy pop of color.

You can prep your lips by lightly exfoliating them using a lip scrub, or you can create a DIY sugar scrub to get the job done. After that, follow it with your favorite lip balm and let it sit for a few minutes.

After waiting for the balm to soak in, apply your lipstick! This method guarantees a very minimal risk of uneven and flaky lipstick while making the color last longer.

Fill your lips and make them look fuller with a lip liner

Don’t be afraid to use that lip liner you’ve been hiding in your makeup pouch! Make the most out of it by applying it before your lipstick.

To do this perfectly, you may want to apply the liner right around your lips, going inwards. Doing so will not only give the illusion of fuller lips, but it will also make any lipstick last long.

Pro tip: you can go for similar shades or get creative by mixing and matching your lip liner and lipstick.

Apply your lipstick from the center, going outwards

Lastly, when putting on your lipstick, you may always want to start in the middle of your lips. This part is essentially the fullest, and doing so lets you be in control of your application.

Following this technique also lets you mitigate any mess-up that may occur, allowing you to have that flawless, pigmented lipstick application.

And if you are having trouble applying your lipstick evenly, then do the x method. Draw an “x” on your cupid’s bow using a lip liner and use it as a guide when applying your chosen color.

The Final Takeaway: Pandemic Or Not, Your Lips Deserve That Pop Of Color

We’ve all been through a tough time, but that doesn’t mean that we should neglect beauty andself-care. 2021 is a year that is bound for vivid surprises, and we strongly believe that your lips deserve that colorful pop, too!

That said, go ahead and grab your favorite lipstick and liner duo, and start trying out these Top Lipstick Trends 2021

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