Top Four Things To Look For In A Brightening Serum


Brightening Serum

We all love how the right makeup can make our skin appear more dewy and glowing, let alone what a good touch of a highlighter and bronzer can do. But what many of us are not aware of is that this ‘glow’ can be achieved even without the use of makeup!

Yep, you read it right: having a dewy, natural-looking glow is achievable even without the cosmetics. How so? The answer: a goodBrightening Serum!

Formulated tolighten the skin tone, brightening serums are becoming a big fuss in theskincare market. This is also due to the fact that on top of the brightening properties, this skincare must-have also comes with other benefits.

In this blog post, we are going to walk you through some of the key ingredients that you should look for when buying a brightening serum.

Wait up: what is a Brightening Serum again?

A brightening serum is among the most sought-after products in the skincare industry, especially for those who are looking to lighten their skin tones. Often lightweight and thin in viscosity, a good Brightening Serum is packed with potent ingredients that efficiently work to brighten dull, drying skin.

Additionally, brightening serums are formulated to clear away any imperfections on the skin. This powerful skincare product may help get rid of dark spots while refining the skin texture with continuous use. In the long run, this serum can reveal a healthier, more luminous complexion.

Do I Need A Brightening Serum For Dark Skin?

While having a darker complexion is also beautiful, there are some who are wishin for lighter skin. That said, if you are looking to lighten your skin then a good, organic brightening serum is the answer.

Essentially, you may want to add this to your nighttime skincare routine. It is believed that using your brightening serum at night is more efficient as your skin is safe from sun exposure, which may hinder the full benefits of the serum.

Finding the Best Skin Brightening Serum: Here Are Top Four Things You Should Look For

Decided that you want to get yourself theBest Skin Brightening Serum? Well, before you make a purchase, you may want to get yourself familiarized first.

Below are four of the top ingredients that you should look for in aBrightening Serum.

Hyaluronic Acid

Most of us are aware tha acid can make the skin look brighter. And for that reason, among the most sought-after ingredients in brightening serums is hyaluronic acid.

A naturally occurring acid in the skin, hyaluronic acid is not new to the skincare market. In fact, this acid has often been dubbed as the ‘liquid gold’ of the skincare world.

Essentially,hyaluronic acid comes with a wide range of benefits for the skin. First of all, it is deeply moisturizing which helps in keeping your skin supple. And we all know that a well-hydrated skin also appears to be more glowing and healthier.

And when it comes to skin brightening, hyaluronic acid is also a game-changer. It doesn’t only stimulates the elastin found in the skin, but it also improves its texture. This acid has the ability to get rid of blemishes on the skin, including acne scars, making it look more even and brighter.

Ferulic Acid

Another acid that you may want to look for is ferulic acid. A plant-derived acid, this active ingredient is packed with antioxidants that are beneficial for the skin.

Ferulic acid is a very potent ingredient that comes with a wide range ofantioxidant properties. This acid works by refining the skin texture and improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, making it an ideal fit for those in their 50s.

Moreover, ferulic acid may combat blemishes that are due to hyperpigmentation. The acid works by intricately penetrating into the skin and exfoliating it, revealing a nicer, more even complexion underneath.

Vitamin C

We all know how powerful vitamin C is! A known immune system booster, this vitamin is just loved by many!

And for the skincare aficionados, here’s some good news: Vitamin C also happens to come with a wide range of benefits for the skin. For instance, this vitamin helps in boosting collagen production, allowing for more supple skin.

In terms of brightening, vitamin C is yet another potent ingredient. The vitamin itself has the ability to smoothen the skin surface and combat hyperpigmentation.

Vitamin C also works well in diminishing dark spots and dark circles. It can also get rid of skin redness and even out the skin tone. 

Moreover, vitamin C use in skincare also impedes melanin production. This allows for the skin to look brighter and more radiant.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is yet another ingredient admired by skincare junkies. A fat-soluble vitamin, this ingredient is most popular in aiding the skin in terms of regeneration.

Vitamin E essentially helps in improving the skin’s elasticity, making it feel and look tighter. It is also an antioxidant that works well in aiding the skin against damages that can be caused by natural stressors.

As a brightening ingredient, vitamin E works as a gentle exfoliator. This vitamin cleanses the skin and removes any impurities, revealing a smoother, glowing skin.

The Final Takeaway: The Best Brightening Serum Surely Is Worth The Fuss

If you’re keen on finding a solution to your dull, uneven skintone, then a good Brightening Serum is the answer. Packed with active ingredients that exfoliate and nourish the skin, the latter will not only lighten up your skintone but also keep in glowing and radiant.

And if you are on the search for a brightening serum thar is worth the investment, then go for Zone 365 Beauty’sC E Ferulic Brightening Serum. A lightweight, easy-to-apply product, this serum is formulated with some of the most potent brightening ingredients out there.

Lastly,Zone 365is a brand that is committed not only to providing healthier skin, but to sustainable beauty as well. Made of all-natural, organic, and vegan-friendly ingredients, you rest assured that your skin isn’t the only thing taken care of, but the environment, too.

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