4 Reasons Why Vegan Skincare Serums Are An Absolute Must-Have

Vegan Skincare SerumHundreds of famous Hollywood celebrities are swearing by a vegan diet, including Billie Eilish, Meghan Markle, Beyonce and husband Jay-Z, and Demi Moore. With this lifestyle becoming more and more famous, these celebrities are encouraging people to be more mindful with their day-to-day food selections.

But not only is veganism applicable in one’s diet, but it is also applicable in the entire lifestyle. Going vegan doesn’t solely mean that you are choosing plant-based food, it also means that you are choosing plant-based anything over everything else. And yes, that includes your skincare!

In today’s skincare industry, Vegan Skincare Beauty Products, likeVegan Skincare Serums, are becoming more and more increasingly popular. A more gentle yet effective approach to skincare, these products are being sworn by many in helping them achieve that nice, beautiful, radiant glow without the cost of causing harm to the environment.

What areVegan Skincare Serums?

Just like the vegan dietary list, vegan skincare serums are beauty products that are derived only from plant-based extracts. These skincare products generally and strictly forgo any animal-derived ingredients in formulating their beauty products.

In other words,Vegan Skincare Serums are products that do not contain any type of animal byproduct. Meaning, this type of skincare serum does not contain even the most common ingredients like honey, beeswax, keratin, and lanolin.

Additionally, vegan skincare products also don’t have carmine, a common ingredient used as a colorant for many cosmetic products which is derived from beetles.

AreVegan Skincare Beauty ProductsGenerally Cruelty-Free?

Now, when it comes to opting for vegan-friendly skincare products, many people assume that by doing so, they are also automatically going “cruelty-free.” However, that is not necessarily the case.

Vegan skincare products generally do not have any animal byproducts in their formulations, but that doesn’t exactly make them cruelty-free unless stated otherwise. “Cruelty-free” products, essentially, are manufactured using ethically sourced ingredients without being tested on animals, hence the term.

Moreover, some skincare products can be labeled as cruelty-free, but still contain ethically sourced animal byproducts, like honey and beeswax. For this reason, if you are keen to opt for a vegan, cruelty-free skincare product, then take the extra time to have a closer look at the ingredients list.

Four Good Reasons Why You Should AddVegan Skincare Serums To Your Everyday Skin Care Routine

Debating whether or not you should includeVegan Skincare Serumsin your day-to-day skincare stash? In this section, we are giving you four reasons why these plant-based skincare beauty products are worthy to be a part of your skincare arsenal.

1 Vegan Skincare Serums are extra gentle to your skin

What most people don’t know is that when it comes to skincare, the skin absorbs about 60% of the product. Quite a decent number, right? However, non-vegan skin care products often contain synthetic ingredients that may eventually cause more harm than good to your skin in the long run. These synthetic ingredients tend to clog the pores, causing breakouts especially for those with acne-prone skin.

Vegan skincare serums, on the other hand, are formulated using only plant-based ingredients. This method of vegan skincare formulation guarantees that the product does not contain synthetic and artificial additives, making it a better option for your skin.

Additionally, vegan skincare face serums come from natural, and, most of the time, organic ingredients, making them extra gentle to your skin.

2 Vegan Skincare Beauty Products are generally healthier for your skin

As mentioned, the skin absorbs about 60% of the product that we apply to it. So when you apply something to your skin, think about it - what is it made of? 

Vegan Skincare Beauty Products are made of plant-based, all-natural, and oftentimes organic ingredients. This alone makes vegan products the better option both for your skin and your general health.

Additionally, vegan face serums and treatments don’t have artificial ingredients, reassuring you that your skin gets nothing but chemical-free benefits. Moreover, because of their all-natural, organic nature, vegan skincare products don’t cause adverse side effects and health problems even after long term usage.

3 Vegan Skincare Beauty Products are diverse

Many people with sensitive skin suffer from the daily dilemma of finding the perfect products for your skin. And if you happen to be one of those, then we have good news for you: vegan skincare products are generally diverse.

No matter what your skin type is, chances are, you are going to find a suitable vegan skincare product for you. Looking for a face wash that is not too abrasive to the skin? Then opt for a vegan facial cleanser that is made of plant-based ingredients formulated to exfoliate and cleanse the face without irritating it.

And if you happen to be looking for a vegan-friendly face serum, then go ahead. Today;s skincare market offers a wide range of serums that are formulated using only all-natural, plant-derived extracts that will provide amazing, glowing results.

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4 Vegan Skincare Beauty Products are friendly to the environment

If you are looking to live a life that is sustainable, then vegan skincare products truly are your perfect match. Vegan skincare products are made only of ethically sourced, plant-based, natural ingredients, making them eco-friendly in all aspects.

Additionally, most vegan skincare manufacturers make use of environmentally friendly packaging, ensuring that every product is sustainable and recyclable.

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Vegan Skincare Serum

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Among the brand’s best-selling, vegan-friendlyAnti Aging Serums include Vitamin C Serum + Hyaluronic Acid,Rejuvenating Night Serum, and C E Ferulic Brightening Serum. Ethically sourced and manufactured, these face serums are definitely worthy of a spot in your everyday skincare routine stash!

The Final Takeaway: Vegan Skincare Beauty Products Are Not Only Gentle To Your Skin, But To The Environment As Well!

With the vegan lifestyle becoming more and more popular, many of us are considering options that are green and leaning towards the preservation of the environment. The same thing goes when it comes to skincare.

Vegan Skincare Beauty Products, such as Vegan Skincare Serums, are formulated to deliver beautiful results without the need to cause an adverse impact to our health. Made with all-natural, plant-based, chemical-free ingredients, vegan-friendly skincare products are also very eco-friendly.

So if you are looking to go green and amplify your healthy lifestyle (but couldn’t commit to a vegan diet just yet), then go ahead and make the switch to Vegan Skincare Beauty Products! After all, we only have one skin, and it is our responsibility to take good care of it in the most gentle, healthy way possible

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