The Best Skin Care Routine To Try Out During The Day

Best Skincare RoutineDon’t we just all love the feeling of having nice, beautiful, and healthy skin, most especially on our faces? And for this reason, we try our best to keep our skins in their healthiest, most youthful state possible.

However, finding the Best Skin Care Routine can be a little tricky sometimes. While a good facial cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen can often get the job done, our skins deserve much, much more than the benefits these products have to offer and this is where face serums and other beauty products come in handy.

Additionally, the health and glow of your skin do not just rely on the products, but on the routine and the sequencing as well. That being said, read on to figure out the best way you can and should be doing your daytime skincare routine.

Does Sequencing Matter In Skincare? The Quick Answer: Yes!

What many of us don’t probably take the time to think about is the fact that when it comes to a good, effective skincare routine, the product sequence matters. That’s right - you can’t just wash your face and put on whatever you get your hands on next. As mentioned, sequencing matters and it is crucial to the results of your day-to-day skin care regime.

Dermatologists will most likely ask you to follow a certain sequence for your daily skincare routine. These experts know that applying certain products in a certain order will ensure that your skin will absorb the full benefits each of these products has to offer.

Moreover, the way that a product is applied onto your face also plays a key role in how your skin will be absorbing its nutrients. So keep in mind that yourDaily Skin Care Routine At Home relies not only on the sequence of product application but on the method as well.

Here’s How You Can Nail The Best Skin Care Routine During The Day

Skincare does not always have to be complicated. All you need to do is to actually find the right products and apply them in the right sequence.

Additionally, keep in mind that it is during the day that your skin gets exposed to the sun, pollution, and other elements, so the sequencing for this routine is especially crucial. That said, below is a step-by-step guide on applying the right skincare products onto your skin.

Step One: Wash Your Face With A Facial Cleanser

Before anything else, you may want to start off with a clean and clear canvas, and this is where washing your face thoroughly enters the picture. Generally, you may want to cleanse your face with your chosen facial cleanser.

For some, simply washing their faces with warm water works well as they have already cleansed their face the night before. This method also works, but if you must, you may want to opt for a gentle facial cleanser formulated for your skin type to ensure that your face is clean and ready for the next products to be applied.

Step Two: Go For The Toner

A lot of people tend to skip toners as part of their daily skincare routine, and we can’t just blame them. This is rather due to the myth that toners can be harsh to the skin and may cause more harm than good. Or at least that’s what they thought it was!

To debunk the myth, toners don’t actually irritate the skin and they are not actually harsh and abrasive. Today’s toners actually serve multiple skincare purposes, such as delivering antioxidants deep into your pores and toning your skin while minimizing the appearance of pores. Some toners are also formulated to hydrate and freshen up the surface of the skin.

Step Three: Go Light With A Face Serum

After you have cleansed and tone your skin, the next step on your skincare routine should be the face serum. For people with normal and oily skin, you may want to make sure that your skin has already been dried before applying the serum, otherwise, you may opt to apply it to damp skin if you have dry skin.

The key to face serum application is to go very lightly. Simply get a couple of drops at the tip of your finger and apply the product evenly all over your face. And as you are doing this routine during the day, you may want to opt for a face serum that is packed with antioxidants and other nutrients that can keep your skin protected against the sun and day-to-day pollution.

For this purpose, we highly recommend Zone 365 Beauty’s Hyaluronic Acid Serum.

Step Four: Time For Your Eye Cream

Another product that many of us tend to neglect is an eye cream. What most of us don’t know is that this beauty product is vital for our skin the moment that we enter our 20s. 

Essentially, eye creams work their hardest in the maintenance of the health and thickness of the skin that surrounds our eyes. In the long run, this will prevent our eyelids from sagging as we age as the right product will help improve the skin’s laxity and elasticity.

You may want to apply your eye cream right after your face serum. Dab a little bit of the product onto your lids and gently pat it onto your skin until the cream is fully absorbed.

Step Five: Carry On With Your Spot Treatment

After the eye cream, you may then apply any products that are formulated for spot treatment. Say, for example, you are prone to acne and/or you are treating a breakout, then this next step is when you should apply these spot treatments cream.

Also keep in mind that some spot treatment creams, especially acne spot treatment products, are highly-concentrated and may dry the skin out. Remember to only apply the right amount of the product on the spots where it is only needed.

Step Six: Be Generous With Your Moisturizer

Finally, it’s now time to moisturize! A favorite of many, the next step is to ensure that your skin stays hydrated all day. That being said, be generous when it comes to applying your moisturizer.

Additionally, you may want to apply your moisturizer while your skin is still slightly damp from all of the previous products that you have applied. That way, you are able to lock in all of the benefits that these products have on your skin as you moisturize.

However, for those who are using an acne spot treatment, you may want to make sure that you are using a moisturizer that will not interfere with the active ingredients found in your spot treatment creams.

Step Seven: Seal It With Your Sunscreen

Last and definitely not least: sunscreen! The last and final step in your Daily Skin Care Routine At Home should be a good, trusty, sunscreen. This step is something that you should never ever neglect, whether or not the sun is shining outside.

Essentially, sunscreen works by blocking UV rays from penetrating deep into your skin, keeping you safe and protected from sun damage. 

As a rule of thumb, you may want to apply just the right amount onto your skin as the formula can be often runny which then becomes a little messy during hotter days.

The Final Takeaway: Along With The Right Products, Sequencing Also Matters In Achieving A Healthy, Youthful, Glowing Skin

Achieving that nice, youthful, supple, and glowing skin do not always have to be too complicated. With the right products and a good skincare regime, you can expect your skin to achieve its best shape in no time.

Moreover, the sequence of product application is nearly as crucial as the products that you apply to your skin during your daily skincare regime. Remember, that religiously following the same steps every day will not only help you achieve nice, glowing skin, but will also maximize the benefits each and every single of those skincare products have to offer.

From thoroughly washing your face with a gentle facial cleanser to applying the toner followed by an organic face serum and eye cream, to proceeding to spot treating, before moisturizing and sealing it off with a sunscreen: remember that consistency is the key to having a healthy, younger-looking, soft-to-touch, supple skin.

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