The Must-Have Eyeshadow Sticks for Getting a Glam Look

Eyeshadow SticksFor beauty enthusiasts, stylish eyeshadows will never go out of the list. May it be a multi-color or pure single shadow, all standout and giving a natural yet superb look. But going to a store with full rows of different types of eyeshadows can be confusing and sometimes even challenging. While you will love them all, picking an on-the-go-friendly one would be great. One of which is theEyeshadow Sticks that are sure to give you a look you will adore. 

With many makeup procedures and routines a person has every day, it is no surprise that eyeshadow is one that needs time, amount of effort, patience, and mastery. Fortunately, eye shadow sticks are born and offer a bunch of help to every makeup routine. Those previous struggles of applying an eyeshadow that sometimes creases, smudge, or fade is now over. With the current eyeshadow sticks, the brushes or applicators are no longer required and not even your fingers. Relative to the earliest forms of eyeshadows, these eyeshadow sticks will leave no stain on your fingers or smudgy mashes. It just looks like a crayon and undeniably easy to use. Now, seeing the makeup market today, many eyeshadow sticks are available everywhere, and choosing the one that suits your taste is a challenge. But don't worry, we have listed below the best and favorite eyeshadow sticks you must have:

Favorite Must-Have Eyeshadow Sticks Today

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Maybelline New Color Strike Cream-to-Powder

Thiseyeshadow stick Maybelline New Color Strike is their first cream-to-powder formula that glides smoothly over your eyelids and is pretty easy to apply. It gives up to 12hr bold color impact in a strike. As loved by many, this eyeshadow stick Maybelline is sure to give you a glam look with no fallout and no mess. Additionally, you don't need to worry about creases, fades, and smudges because it is resistant to all those. With this eyeshadow stick available in six mattes and four metallic shades, striking it on is made easy. 

Rimmel Scandalous Shadow Stick

Rimmel Scandalous Shadow Stick is another go-to-everyday eyeshadow stick that holds excellent effect on eyes every use. If taking your eyeshadow look to the next level is your challenge before, you can now hover your worry with theRimmel eyeshadow stick. It has a chunky pencil that lets you apply the eyeshadow easily. You can naturally glide the Rimmel eyeshadow stick into your eyelids and blend it mildly and smooth. Certainty, this kind of eyeshadow sticks glide at ease and with no extra effort. You can expect intense color results that also long-lasting with no crease and fade. 

Kiko Cosmetics Long Lasting Eyeshadow Stick

Another lovable, favorite, and must-have eyeshadow stick is the Kiko Cosmetics Long Lasting Eyeshadow Stick. With the product name itself, thisKiko eyeshadow stick provides a long-lasting glam look that everyone adores to have. Being able to blend and apply easily is always one of the top picks when talking about the eyeshadow sticks. The Kiko eyeshadow stick didn't fail to leave a remarkable experience for every customer. With its incredible quality yet at a reasonable price, saying yes to Kiko eyeshadow sticks is a must. 

Nars Velvet Shadow Stick

As the passion for eyeshadow sticks grows every day, theNars eyeshadow stick is also one of the favorites. What people admire about this stick is it is easy on the eyes. With its range of matte to multi-dimensional shades, setting and blending it over your eyelids is effortlessly made. It simply layers under and glides over. Absolutely, this Nars eyeshadow stick is your added go-to partner anytime and anywhere. Whether you want to pair it with a powder shadow or rely on it alone, having an incredible look remains still.

It is also long-lasting with intense pigment and saturated color that allows you to use and apply at ease. Your worry of creasing, fading, and smudging is wiped and cleared with this eyeshadow stick. 

Getting Glam With The Right Eyeshadow Sticks

Who wouldn't say no to a result of a glam look with justeyeshadow sticks? It is definitely admirable to many. But of course, choosing the right eyeshadow sticks may also take you some time, especially if you are a beginner. There is a need to consider different factors to ensure that you are going for the right eyeshadow sticks that perfectly match you. It may depend on the type of skin you have, an eyeshadow color that can accent your eyes, skin tone, and more. Eyeshadow sticks that smudge or crease are obviously not the right choice, so make sure going for a long-lasting one that can carry you all day. After all, there are no rigorous rules to follow. You are always free to test and experiment with what you think will suit, and what you like best. Now, go glam with the right eyeshadow sticks that you feel comfortable and suits you!

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