Vegan Skincare Serums: Ultimate Solution to Skin Aging

Anti Aging Serum

As our largest organ, the skin is often susceptible to both intrinsic and extrinsic factors that place it in a risky condition. While we undergo natural aging, our skin is also nonstop dealing with external environmental factors like air pollution and sun exposure daily. Unfortunately, this combination takes a toll on our skin, and it inevitably changes and ages over time. The fine lines, dark spots, wrinkles, and textured skin become evident each day that we grew older. However, while we cannot stop skin-aging, slowing the said process is feasible through the use of Vegan Skincare Serums.

The use of such vegan skincare beauty products that contain ingredients with rich anti-aging properties is the best way to prevent the rapid aging of the skin.  But remember that aside from our desire to achieve younger-looking skin, we must also consider the impacts of our skincare choices on our planet.

What is a Vegan Skincare Serum, and what are the Impacts of Shifting to One

Most often than not, a mere duo of cleanser and moisturizer is not sufficient to combat the signs of skin aging. Therefore, a skincare product with a higher concentration of active ingredients to address such skin concerns is necessary. The facial serums, especially vegan ones, are the skincare products you can rely on to fulfill this need. In general, facial serums are ideal for giving your skin that extra dose of nourishment and further achieving a healthier, younger look. However, not all anti-aging serums are created equal. A few serums contain harsh chemicals in their formula that can worsen skin problems instead of solving them.

With vegan skincare serums, this is not the case. Plant-based skincare products like vegan serums rarely ever fail in giving its users the wonders of skin rejuvenation. It is because vegan skincare serums are made out of an all-natural and organic set of safe ingredients for all skin types. Since most of its composition is sourced from plants, you are rest assured that your skin only absorbs the premium goodness that nature has to offer.

Now, should you shift to vegan skincare beauty products? Although it is not required, opting for vegan-friendly skincare alternatives will make a massive impact on our planet, particularly on animal welfare. You might think that how can an act as simple as choosing a vegan skincare serum is considered significant. Well, that apparent “small” shift contributes to a lesser carbon footprint and reduced animal cruelty. In short, whenever you go after a vegan option, you automatically take part in a greener initiative for the betterment of our nature.  Not to mention that while doing so, you also attain a better skin state – younger, radiant, and full of glow. 

5 Major Anti-Aging Ingredients that are found in Vegan Skincare Serums 

  1. Vitamin E

Experts claim that Vitamin E might be the most excellent anti-aging agent to improve our skin and health altogether. You can consume a good amount of this powerful antioxidant through eating healthy foods like flax seeds, kiwi, kale, avocado, apricots, etc. But an easier way to also get its similar benefits is to apply a reliable vegan skincare serum onto your face. This way, you can effortlessly reach for its source and use some drops to enjoy the favorable effects – moisturized and healed skin.  And we all want these effects because a moisturized skin equates to a more youthful and less wrinkled appearance.

  1. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of the most sought antioxidants when it comes to skincare, and there is a worthwhile reason for it. This ingredient can be found in vegan serums shields our skin away from UV exposure. The layer of protection it gives to our face prevents skin cells from being under severe damage that can produce skin-aging symptoms. The said antioxidant also inhibits melanin’s production to reduce hyperpigmentation and dark spots, leaving you an even-toned skin.Vitamin Cis best to use with other anti-aging serums that have ferulic acid and vitamin E. The collaboration of the three will ensure you a lightened and line-free beauty glow.  

  1. Aloe Vera

If you are having a hard time dealing with wrinkles and skin elasticity loss, aloe vera is the anti-aging ingredient you need. Its antioxidant properties encourage tissue and cell growth, all the while preventing the production of skin radicals. During the earlier times, people need to grow an actual aloe vera plant to experience its wonders. Good thing that today, most vegan skincare serums are formulated with the super plant. Moreover, the fascinating ingredient also contains antibacterial properties that reduce skin inflammation.  Thus, aloe vera boosts our confidence to rock a younger-looking complexion.

  1. Green Tea

Like other natural antioxidants, green tea plays a huge role in neutralizing free radicals that cause skin damage and aging. Green tea is associated with a phenolic compound called catechin that officially destroys free radicals and slows down skin-aging. All-organic products like vegan skincare serums mostly have green tea extract that initiates skin detoxification and purification.

  1. Ferulic Acid

Antioxidants are well-known ingredients to minimize signs of skin-aging. Recently, ferulic acid, a plant-based antioxidant (mostly found in apple seeds, oats, citrus, and eggplant) with high capability to fight free radicals, tickled the interest of many. This ingredient shows an impressive result not only to decrease age spots and wrinkles but also to aid people with health conditions. This study shows that the potential application of such antioxidant helps counter diabetic and cancer activities in the body. Furthermore, ferulic acid use increases the efficacy of vitamins C and E to intensify skin renewal.

Get to know Zone 365 Beauty! A Vegan-Friendly & Organic Anti-Aging Skincare Brand!

Anti Aging Serum

Zone 365 Beauty offers vegan-friendly skincare products that are perfect for you to try upon starting the green shift in your skincare regime. The promising brand formulates anti-aging vegan serums out of organic and all-natural ingredients to promote long-term sustainability. Also, they see to it that none of their products are tested among animals. Every year, they make sure that they are Leaping Bunny Certified to back-up their goal of a cruelty-free production.

Besides, Zone 365 Beauty genuinely understands that our skin does not need any extra damage from toxic ingredients like parabens and synthetic fragrance. With this concern in mind, their team guarantees all of their anti-aging products like vegan skincare serums are free from these unwanted chemicals so everyone can access a safe, effective solution for skin-aging problems.

The Bottom Line: Prevention of Skin-Aging is a Continuous Commitment, but so is our Movement towards Sustainability

Either way, it is safe to say that the use of vegan skincare serums provides us a win-win situation. Its high concentration of active ingredients enables the skin to experience countless benefits to delay skin-aging. At the same time, it gives us the chance to contribute to our planet’s betterment gradually.

Similar to our ongoing prevention of skin-aging, our desire to gravitate towards sustainability must also be consistent. Simple gestures and small steps yet steady. We must be conscious that a single purchase comes with a good or bad consequence. As expected stewards of nature, choose wisely.

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